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this book, oh this book. the title + the dark cover creeped me out.

and the premise (A dystopian thriller follows a boy and girl on the run from a town where all thoughts can be heard — and the passage to manhood embodies a horrible secret) didn’t do much to thwart the chills running up and down my spine. but i should know better than to judge a book by its cover.

because once i started reading, i couldn’t stop. the characters are so lifelike and flawed and confused and youthful and smart and scared and awesome. the plot grabs you and never lets you go. and this idea that everyone can hear what every male is thinking, but more specifically, every thought that passes through todd hewitt (the main character)’s mind, (a side effect of the noise germ) is played out beautifully through the narration and the random commentary by the other characters. in fact, it was written so believably that when i went for a walk after a couple hours of reading, i was very careful about what i was thinking because i didn’t want anyone to overhear anything inappropriate.

yeah, you could say i got sucked into the story.

and i come to find out it’s a trilogy! goody gum drops. i can’t wait to get my fingers on those books to see how this Chaos Walking series wraps up because the ending of the first book leaves you hanging. the most intense cliffhanger i’ve ever come across. it’s not even a cliffhanger or the end of a chapter, but the middle of the action. i can’t believe ness did this to me. how could you end it right there???

although, silver lining, if you’re like me and waited to read these books, we don’t have to wait long to find out how those turn out because the second book in this trilogy (THE ASK AND THE ANSWER) is available now and the third book (MONSTERS OF MEN) will be available in September.

FTC Full Disclosure: My review copy was a free book I received from Candlewick Press.  I did not receive any candy or teddy bears or money for writing this review (dang!).

10 thoughts on “THE KNIFE OF NEVER LETTING GO, review”

  1. Hey I’m glad you enjoyed it and that it sucked you in. People have been calling this series highly addictive and I know there is a lot of anticipation for the third one. :-)

    1. thanks again for forwarding on this book! i love when a book catches me off guard. and this certainly did. and yes, i’m definitely on the “anticipation train” for the third book, but i’m lucky in that i haven’t been riding it long.

  2. Well said. I LOVE everything about the series (so far), especially Todd’s voice. He’s so deliciously real that it’s hard not to be sucked into the story. So glad you liked it!!

    1. i think one of my favorite parts is when todd’s gone on a long narration or is deeply thinking about something and then viola or someone else will randomly comment on it. LOVE IT. because i’d forget that everyone could hear him and that would be so shocking to hear the characters comment. it really makes you feel like the narrator. it’s bizarre and totally awesome.

  3. This book sounds so exciting!! One question, you know me, is any of it creepy and twisted? Enough that my imagination will run off in the dark, leaving me shaking in the corner? :) I needed a new book to read so I’m going to try this one :)

    1. it’s a teeny bit scary, but nothing you can’t handle. you’ve read scarier stuff. and i actually really want you to read it because it’s so fascinating. if you can’t get a library copy, i can send you mine.

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