new schedule: a dialogue

me: hold onto your hats, ladies and gents. i’ve decided to get organized.

reader: WHAT? you’re not organized?

me: well, not really. not when it comes to my blog.

reader: WHAT? how so?

me: ok, i lied. i’m organized. it’s just that i’m not consistent.

reader: ok, phew. that makes more sense. we KNEW we knew you. and you’re one organized monkey. now what’s this consistency you’re talking about?

me: i’m going to post twice a week. tuesday and friday. i’ve had a lot of fun (and have been getting way more page views) as i’ve been posting more frequently over these past few weeks. i don’t know what led to the increase in posting by me, but i did, and you read, and i like feeling all warm and fuzzy and full of viewers.

consider yourself warned.

i’m going to start posting regularly, which means you don’t have to check back haphazardly to see if i’ve added new content or if it’s still the same dreary post as the day before. although, hmmm, if i’m posting only on two days, everyone will be pushing and shoving and clamoring to get to the front of the line to read the new post. and then the blog server might go crazy. so, umm, you don’t HAVE to come only on tuesdays and fridays. you should always feel free to stop by any day of the week.

*lays out red carpet.*

and make sure to play nice, you guys because you know what happens if you don’t.

8 thoughts on “new schedule: a dialogue”

    1. i’m not sure why people would ever pick on you, but i am darn sure you’d be the one with the witty comeback that leaves the other kid standing there scratching his head while you run away giggling.

    1. i know! i already don’t know what i’m going to write for friday. hopefully something CRAZY will happen to me before then and i’ll be able to tell you all about it.

      or maybe i’ll blog about nothing. perhaps i can make nothing interesting?


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