i was going to call this post great expectations, but it turns out i’ve already written a post entitled that. not to mention, there’s a very well known book by that name. so instead of plagiarizing myself* and that book, i called this masterpiece anticipation-ville.

and that’s today’s theme.

anticipated event: the release of MOCKINGJAY, the third book in the hunger games trilogy.

payoff: i know there are people who haven’t yet read it, so i’m not going to spoil anything, don’t worry. i will say that an interesting thing happened while reading it. usually when i read a book, it’s just me and the pages. and sometimes i think about the author and why they chose to go this way instead of that way with the plot, but usually, it’s just me and the characters. but this time, i wasn’t alone. i knew that everyone and their mother and their mother’s cousin’s twin’s stepsister’s brother was reading it and i couldn’t stop wondering what everyone else was thinking when they had read this chapter or that passage. it was weird in the sense that it felt like a house guest who isn’t taking the hint and leaving, but also, kind of nice in a “if-i-need-to-talk-about-the-ending-i-know-i-have-half-a-dozen-people-i-can-count-on-to-talk-to-me-about-it-right-now.” and trust me, you’re going to want to talk about this book.

anticipated event: joining twitter and gaining access to hollywood by following celebrities’ comments and quotes.

payoff: today, almost a year and a half later, twitter continues to surprise me, as we have an entirely different relationship now. the only celebrities i follow anymore are those of the authorial variety. that’s authors for the laymen. i’ve joined a book group. i’ve gotten to know friends of friends better. i’ve gained a vast amount of knowledge about publishing, querying, and writing. i’ve encountered support groups and cheerleaders and allies all associated with writing. i’ve found new favorite authors. i’ve added to my TBR list so much that if i had each of those books stacked on top of each other, it’d reach the moon. (hey, i’d like to visit the moon, maybe i should look into this stack-able walkway. and spacesuits. and time travel. and, anyways…) i’ve learned more about the city i live in. i’ve found new restaurants to try and bars to hit up and stores to shop in. i’ve had my ego boosted. i’ve laughed. i’ve been blessed to have the kindness of people on twitter leap off the interwebs and land in my real life.

anticipated event: upgrading my normal phone to a smartphone.

payoff: after going into the store to have them activate my new DROID, i was very confused for about a week. and unable to properly answer the phone. i still have trouble with the phone portion and usually answer with a tentative “hello?????????” but i’m getting it. i am. except for the part where i am very upset i’ll have to buy a bluetooth as my hands free device. it’s impossible to hear people on those things, but long car rides are a part of life when you live 300 miles away from your closest family members and talking during that drive makes it bearable. on my previous two phones, i had a plug-in head set (sassy, i know) but now, they’re funneling me down the path of a bluetooth. i must resist. actually, it’s really easy… anyways, ANYWAYS, two weeks into my new phone? now i’m a whiz. well, more of a whizlet. i’m still learning. but i am getting to know little tricks and tips and how to conserve battery life. but the best part? other than the first weekend i got the phone, i’m not nearly as addicted to it as i thought i would be. i can still go about my life and interact with human beings and look around and enjoy the sights. but, if there is no one nearby or nothing good to look at, i have the option to explore the digital world that’s in the palm of my hand, yo. cause that’s how i roll. nowadays. i am so hip to getting jiggy with it. yeah, just like that.

does verizon offer a monthly plan for maturity upgrades?

*is it still plagiarizing if you are copying something you yourself wrote? or is it just lazy?

12 thoughts on “anticipation-ville”

  1. ahaha! maturity upgrades! ahahah! I think Sprint needs to offer those to me! Great post, Abby….and I won’t tell anyone that you’re plagarizing yourself. The secret’s safe with me!

    1. let’s get maturity upgrades together. you go first.

      *puts KICK ME sign on your back*

      or perhaps, i should.

  2. I love what you say about twitter – isn’t that the truth? I can’t believe the cyber-friends and support and help and knowledge I’ve gained – and all just 140 characters at a time. Between that and blogging, I think I could do it all day, every day (this is not a good idea though, for my carpel tunnel or my posture).

    1. i feel like i talk about twitter all the time, but it surprises me constantly. i’m amazed by the wealth of knowledge and sincerity of people that resides there. i want everyone to know that it’s not just a silly waste of time. it’s valuable for our brains and our hearts.

  3. I have too found that I use twitter completely different than I did when I started a year ago. I find that in life most things work that way now.

    For example my blog reads always start with my Twitta Sista’s. When I read a book now I wonder if this will be the one I want to recommend to my book group. I have read authors that I never would have heard of if not for twitter. And I met you. Although, I am still a little bitter about the whole Italy thing. I am sure I will get over it. Wait, here is Patty with some chocolate and as you know chocolate makes it all better.

    1. i’ll take tons of photos and share them with you all. it’ll be just like we all went to italy together. and trust me, i’m going to miss the constant contact i have with you all.

  4. I’m jealous. I still have a phone that just makes calls. One of these days, I’ll mature to the smart model.

    I am sending e-chocolate. There! Doesn’t that feel good? You’re welcome.

    As for Twiter, I agree! I follow a few celebrities, they never tweet back, so what’s the point? I began following Writer Royalty and to my immense surprise, they DO tweet back. And I realized they’re not so different from me. They have the same hang-ups, dips in confidence and what not.

    This is the absolute best part of Twitter and Facebook can’t match it. Support, kindness, virtual hugs, e-chocolate, pats on the back and even tissues to mop up our tears. It really is a global village and I love it.

    and you guys!

    1. don’t be jealous. i’ve only had a smartphone for 2 weeks now. and until now, could barely use it. here’s some e-chocolate for YOU. it’s mocha flavored. isn’t it delish?

      a global village! i love that. cause it’s true.

  5. i skipped the first anticipated event and only read about the 2nd and 3rd :) i’ll come back to read the rest when i’m done with the book :) yay Droid!

    i think you got it right — it’s not plagiarizing when it’s from yourself, it’s just laziness :)

    1. there is literally NOTHING spoilery there at all. PROMISE. i wrote it that way with you in mind, actually.

      and it’s not total laziness because i linked to the old post. if i hadn’t linked, that would have been sheer laziness. i guess what i’m trying to say is that i’m not a total sloth. :)

      1. ok, you’re right, nothing spoilery :)) i’m only on p. 20, but i hope to be done tomorrow, so then we can talk about the ending!

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