that’s pretty much all i have to say at the moment, though i will admit, my high school french kicked in for a moment and i wanted to say bon voyage, except that’s a little weird for me to tell YOU “good journey”, isn’t it? except it’s not because YOU go on journeys every day as YOU traverse the highways and local roads and sidewalks and stairs on the way to work whether it’s 40 miles, 4 miles, or 4 steps away. so, i take it back, i do wish YOU bon voyage on YOUR daily journeys.

and i wish ME bon voyage, as i embark on my first solo international trip. starting tomorrow night. and ending 10 days later. don’t forget me while i’m gone!

actually, YOU can’t, my blog has special things in store for YOU. special things YOU’ll have to come back to see because i wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise. let’s hope the blog works as it should and doesn’t ruin its surprise for YOU. that would be typical though. technology turning its back on me and on itself whenever i come around. i don’t know why that is. i’m part of the generation that’s supposed to be whiz bang good at this stuff. maybe i’m just not good at whizzing and banging and uh, wait a second. now the words are failing me, so i best bid YOU adieu and let’s hope i don’t have to utter the words “non capisco” more than 87 times per day. and let’s hope the italian weathermen are just as inaccurate as the american ones because i’m not liking the look of this forecast, which says rain, light rain, AM showers, PM showers, thunderstorms, um, italy? really? i thought you were all sun and vino all the time. you’re not? well the italy in my head is, so please realign yourself.

ok, ok, ok, i’ll stop stalling and get to packing and provided i don’t get lost in translation, i’ll see YOU on the flip side.

10 thoughts on “arrivederci”

  1. Bon Voyage!

    See? That’s the way it’s supposed to work. You must bring a journal and write down every detail since you are taking the trip I’ve always wanted to and probably can’t afford until I’m too old and frail to travel.

    Have a wonderful time and a safe, safe journey.

    1. you better believe i’ll be journaling the heck out of this trip. and photographing every inch. you all will be tired of hearing about it, i’m sure.

      thanks for the bon voyage!

    1. uh, i said HIGH SCHOOL french. not conversational, fluent french.

      *copies and pastes into babelfish*

      oh, thank you! i will have fun. and i too will miss you. you better keep everyone in line here while i’m away.

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