wonder woman

it started with a haircut the week before i went to italy. i went to the same woman i’ve been going to for a year + now. but i went to a different salon. her OWN salon. the doors had opened the day before and while the restorations weren’t 100% complete, her attitude was overjoyed, sheer joyfulness, blissful happiness.

i’m beginning to think she infused a bit of that into the shampoo, and combed it through my hair with the conditioner, tousled in some with the mousse, and spritzed it in with the hairspray because i have gotten more compliments on my hair/appearance (in person, in pictures) than ever before.

i like to think it’s magic because who doesn’t want a spot of magic incorporated into their life?

of course, it could also be a bit of me shining out. i’ve been through some tougher times than i’d like to admit and while i thought i was past the darkness before, it seems i really am now. it’s apparent in my facial expressions. when i smile, i actually mean it. and i’m wearing a smile more often these days. i think that’s what people are seeing. it’s nice to know my hard work is paying off.

though, it never hurts to have a wand in your back pocket or at the very least, a hairdresser who can style your hair to complement your face AND your attitude.

8 thoughts on “wonder woman”

  1. :) I like to hear that your so happy!! :) makes me feel like I’m not the only one who has random infectious joy all of a sudden :) miss you!!


    1. I’m hoping this is a more sustained type of happiness but yes, infectious joy is a thing of beauty. miss you too.

    1. “a happy thought is the world’s best cosmetic.” I love that and I’m glad I’ve added it to my make bag. :)

  2. One of my favorite sayings is “fake it til you make it”

    For me I use this in everything. When I started my job 16 years ago and embellished a little on my knowledge levels, I worked really hard to reach what I said I could already do. Now I am way more proficient than even I could have imagined and more successful too.

    When I found myself facing the darker times. I told myself I could see the light at the end of the tunnel, even when I knew it was no where near where I was at and before you know it, there was a light and it showed me the way.

    I say bravo for you and to treat yourself to more things that make you feel like you can fly. Because sometimes just feeling as if we could do it makes us a little more invincible. Now, I don’t recommend you go and jump off a roof or anything…but you could if you wanted to.


    1. I was, for sure, faking it til I made it, and while that has its place, it sure feels great to be at a particular level of true happiness and NOT faking it anymore.

      I can’t wait to reach the point where I can fly! *grin*

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