their love affair

yesterday was [chris] columbus day, so it’s fitting i was in the nation’s capital because, you know, it’s from his voyages that the europeans became aware of the existence of the americas and thus, we are here today. so yeah. what brought me down south? us airways flight # 2042. oh, WHY was i there? a college roommate’s wedding.

it was one of those weddings that wraps you up in its love. as the bride’s mother said, “when your cup runneth over, drink from the saucer.” and oh boy, this cup runneth over. from the scenery (a vineyard set at the base of the shenandoah mountains) to the weather to the love apparent between the bride and groom, between their families, between their friends to the speeches to the vows to the music to the wine to the dancing to the sheer classiness of it all. it was a proper celebration of gooey love affair.

and the fun factor of this joyous occasion was upped because the entire college gang was able to attend. we had a brief scare that the russians were going to hold K hostage (no, that’s not a euphemism. it’s a story for another time), but she made it. yes, we all (finally) convened in one spot for the first time since graduation. we pushed aside our hectic schedules and reveled in the memories. chuckled about old times. discussed new developments. made new memories. started new traditions. had as much fun as we usually do. and recreated a photo originally taken back in 2003. we may be getting older and settling down, but we still know how to pretend we are on the opening credits of 90210.

congrats breese and RJ! thanks for supplying us with the materials and reason to celebrate and thanks for showing us how it’s done.

8 thoughts on “their love affair”

    1. i know. i know. but i only have a hard copy of that one. that was before the days of digital cameras. you can come see it for comparison’s sake, but not many others can. lucky duck. :)

    1. i’ll have to check with K to see if i can post the story. you never know who’s checking the interwebs…. we were glad to have her with us, that’s for sure.

  1. Looks like a beautiful wedding, and what fun that all your college friends were there to share with the bride and groom. Friendships like that are amazing. It’s like no time passes between one get together and another.

    1. So true. the friendships where any amount of time can pass but yet it never feels that way when together are ones to be treasured. I feel so fortunate to have friendships like that AND to be aware and grateful for them.

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