trick or TREAT

given the fact that every single tooth in my mouth is a sweet tooth, i’m partial to the whole TREAT aspect of halloween.

i don’t care much for tricks.

so, with that in mind, here are a couple of treats from me to you. (well, specifically, they’re from my sister/BIL and brother/SIL to me, but i’m passing along the cuteness.)

may i present you with the ladybug…

and her cousins in the form of luigi, the TV with Super Mario Bros game on it, and mario.

and while i’m doling out the treats, here’s another one.

and the last one…this one courtesy of one carrie harris.

6 thoughts on “trick or TREAT”

    1. i know, the combo of cuteness (photos) + hilarity (video) was to great to pass up. even if it is 2 days past halloween.

      and another treat — your message didn’t go to spam!

    1. i had to double check that it was just a book trailer and not a movie trailer. that publisher (who did pride and prejudice and zombies, as well as sense and sensibility and sea monsters) does the BEST book trailers. everyone should take notes.

    1. my bro’s kids always do a theme and it’s always beyond cute! i especially love that my niece made her costume. such an artsy gal.

      and what tuesday doesn’t need a laugh? this one does, so i’ll watch the trekkie trailer again. and again.

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