new look

i’m debating giving my blog a new look.

i’ve added highlights, cut off a few inches, and gave it a perm.


i learned that lesson in middle school. (i.e. it smells like eggs, it burns, and it’s not a good look for anyone.)

you like?

or should i go back to the old one?

cast your vote now.

6 thoughts on “new look”

    1. i’m a bit slow on the uptake. the white on black was painful on the eyes, but i didn’t notice because when i’m writing a post, it’s on a white background + black text. it was just today when i was previewing my (ahem, awesome) post for tomorrow that i realized my blog was making my eyes bleed.

      and that’s not a good look once’s halloween over.

  1. I like it better than the black but I still think it needs to be dressed up a bit. You could simply dress it up with one very vibrant horizontal header image with your blog name incorporated somehow. Make it pretty! :-)

    1. that sounds a bit out of my technological creativity range, but i’ll see what i can do with it. this blog is always a work in progress. :)

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