note to self

i was at the weepies concert on sunday. while listening to them (and the opener, greg tannen) the lyrics sparked some area of my brain stem (or something scientific like that).


“there’s something about october.”

“why don’t you break me like a stone?”

those make complete sense to me, which is good because often my grocery list makes me go HUH? i guess the creative mind works a bit differently than the logical, analytical, errand running mind.

do you write cryptic notes to yourself? can you always decipher them? or does it put a strain on your membrane?

6 thoughts on “note to self”

    1. i actually have really nice, legible handwriting. it’s the “returning to the mind frame i was in at the time so i remember why i wrote what i wrote” that is the difficult part.

      maybe because i was at a concert and so the notes i was writing were set to music and that’s why my brain remembered so easily?

  1. ha! my handwriting leaves many people scratching their heads in confusion. my co-workers are always on my case about it because every time i give them a message, I have to actually stand there and read it to them, and then they say, “there is no possible way it says that!” well, i can read it….

    1. ha ha. i think the solution here is that you need a robot to type out and deliver your messages to your coworkers.

  2. No I am just as organized and neat in my list taking as I am in my writing. I have copies of list on my iPad and my phone, so I am never without. I have lists of lists if you can believe that. Don’t judge me, I know its a problem, and after all that is the first step.

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