admit one

on sunday, i took myself on a date to see HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS, PART 1. this is only the second time i’ve ever seen a movie by myself. (i know, i know…) it’s mainly because going to the movies isn’t my thing and so for me, going to the movies is a social outing. if there is no one to go with, i don’t go.

however, HP is an important franchise and one that i refused NOT to see on the big screen. everyone else had either seen it, didn’t care to see it, or couldn’t rearrange their schedules. it was then i had the following exhange:

me: self, would you like to go to the movies with me?

self: why, yes. yes, i would.

me: i’ll bring the popcorn!

self: i’ll bring the soda!

me: and when i get home, i’m going to enjoy having sole possession of the remote control.*

self: life rocks!

i’m the kind of person who should go to the movies alone because due to my excessive reading i find it difficult to watch movies. (read: i ask A LOT of questions.) it’s annoying. i know this. but i can’t help it. the visual of the video often doesn’t compute in my brain. i think it has something to do with the fact that i’m not controlling the pace of the movie. when i read, i can go forward, backward or sideways within the text, but when watching a movie, the director is in charge of the movement. i become the gal who’s adding her own soundtrack by whispering WHAT? HUH? WHO’S THAT? I’M CONFUSED.

someone should just hand me a bucket of popcorn to shut me up.

or i could continue going to the movies alone. without anyone to ask what is going on, i’m forced to pay attention.

or i could continue reading. the book IS always better.

p.s. speaking of hollywood, as i was on my way to the theater, i passed by casey affleck. it is christmas time and he is from massachusetts, so i’m 99% sure it was him. especially since i did a double take and the woman (his wife?) walking behind him with a little girl smiled knowingly at me. (wait a sec. he’s married to summer phoenix. HEY, double celebrity sighting!) this means i’ve now seen more members of the affleck clan than any other hollywood family. jennifer garner ran past me a few years ago as i was walking to work.

p.p.s. it looks like walking everywhere has more than just health benefits. well, if you consider spotting celebrities a benefit, which, I MOST CERTAINLY DO.

*i can’t take credit for this line. it’s from WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING, my most favorite movie ever. don’t judge.

8 thoughts on “admit one”

  1. You didn’t say whether or not you liked the movie. I only admit to going to movies by myself when I’ve really enjoyed the film – if I didn’t like it, no one ever knows that I went.

    1. I enjoyed it, yes. I only read that book once and so had forgotten most of the details which meant the movie was surprising and fun. It’s also been really neat to watch the actors grow up throughout the films.

      And that sounds like a plan – admit you saw it only if you’d recommend it to a friend!

    1. ah! seriously? i find it very hard to find anyone who shares my love of that movie. i’m so glad to know this about you. :)

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