NYE 2010

as the celebrations gear up and the year 2010 draws to a close, i wanted to wish you a happy, healthy, and hilarious 2011.

thanks for reading, for commenting, for sharing this blog space with me as i muddle and mumble my way through. your company makes this corner of the blogesphere feel like home.

*raises champagne glass*

here’s to another year together.

6 thoughts on “NYE 2010”

    1. Aww, Linda. May you have the most fruitful year ever. You deserve it. And I’m totally rooting for you from this corner and that corner and everywhere in between.

    1. cheers to you too!

      it’s so nice to start the year with a bit of bubbly. it’s so delicious. and optimistic!

    1. Thanks, Jeannie! You rock. Hard. For both reading my MS and for being the sultry writer you are. I can’t wait to uncork the bubbly for your pubbed day.

      Here’s to 2011!

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