i had a gloriously long christmas vacation, but an unintentional side effect of being at my parents’ house and not being at my apartment or at work was that i rarely interacted with technology.

ok, that’s a lie.

obviously, i still used my phone and watched TV and took pictures and checked email and turned on lights and the oven and the stove top and the microwave, but i didn’t spend all day in front of a computer like i do on a normal workday. the hours flew by as we read and ate and entertained baby mac and played games and read and ate and napped and walked and ran errands and talked and ate and played games. it was grand.

i feel energized.

now it’s a new year and work has resumed and thus (after a few minor mishaps with email and voicemail and accidentally closing out of a database), i’ve replugged myself back into the interwebs.

*waves hello*

12 thoughts on “reconnecting”

    1. oh i did. i really did. although, it’s taking my brain a bit longer to come off of vacation time….whoops.

  1. Welcome back to the interwebs! One of my New Year’s resolutions is to be more unplugged. However, my very plugged in day job makes that a bit difficult. :-(

    1. i think what i need is more balance. it’s fine to be plugged in during daylight hours because, well, it’s my job, but once i leave work, i need to focus my energies on other things. like writing. like reading. like catching up with family, friends.

      the interwebs needs to stop being so enticing. that would really help my plan for balance. :)

    1. i was taking a brief break whilst i allowed your comments to sink in. i think i’m getting a good feel for how i want to fix some of the characters, so i will hopefully dive in tonight!

  2. Me too…it was lovely to take that break. I tried to stay connected but felt I wasn’t giving the family the quality time I had driven two days to give them. Happy New Year.

    1. it was nice to take a step back, disconnect, recharge. it was also nice to come back, reconnect, return to my schedule.

      i’m glad you were able to have grand holiday plans. and live life! happy new year to you!

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