a birthday. my birthday. coming soon. i can’t avoid it, so all that’s left to do is embrace it.


yeah, so today, on the eve of my 30th birthday, i’m going to keep this short. i’m not going to wax eloquent about leaving one decade (my 20s) and entering another (my 30s). i’m not going to whine about getting older. nor am i going to brag about how i really am still quite young. i am, however, going to share these with you:

looks like not much has changed in 30 years, except for the fact that i can’t sit like that anymore. in fact, looking at those pictures makes my hamstrings hurt.

ANYWAYS, there’s one little thing i need you to do. one little question i need you to answer…

what is your favorite post from my blog?

that’s it. that’s all you have to answer. dear readers, this is cake. so easy! it won’t take long. consider it your present to me. and don’t forget, i know who you are. i know where you live. i just may come find you if you don’t answer. it may not be tomorrow. it may be today. or a week from now. or later this year, but i will haunt you. you know what a scary thought that is. i know you don’t want to live with the fear that i’ll be just around the corner waiting, watching, ready to pounce, so spare yourself and just answer me now.

indulge me, won’t you?

(oops, that was two questions. looks like turning 30 hasn’t help my math skills.)

(just to be clear: today’s not my birthday. tomorrow is. JANUARY 8. learn it. know it. love it.)

(yes, i share a birthday with elvis. no, i can’t swivel my hips like he does. guess i’ll have to find my fame and fortune another way.)

20 thoughts on “indulgence”

  1. Hey, you’re almost as old as my marriage! Happy Birthday Eve. :)

    My favorite post of yours? Why, that would have to be this one, because those pics of little you are absolutely adorable. :)

    1. i know! i thought the same thing when i was reading your anniversary post. it’s a good year to be 30. congrats to us. and by us, i mean me and your marriage.

      i stumbled upon those photos while at my folks’ house and couldn’t believe it. me, reading, or attempting to read. but i really love the one where i’m sitting on the end table because, really baby abby, that’s more comfortable than the couch (check out that pattern!) right next to you?

      thanks for indulging me.

  2. Those pictures ARE adorable! So cute!

    Favorite post? It’s hard to pick only one, you know that, right? Because it’s not like all of your posts are the same kinds of posts! So here are a few that I’ve loved:

    “hodge podge” and “getting to know you” — because learnt some new things about you, and because I like stream-of-consciousness/random-list posts!

    “teammates” — because it made so much sense!

    “italian lessons” — because I could live vicariously through you and you were cracking me up!

    “inspiration vs. perspiration” — because it’s a fascinating to hear what other people are inspired by.

    There, now can we have cake?

    1. woah. THANK YOU. what a fine list maker you are and each with its own description of why. this is really helpful. i like to keep my readers happy and when i know what you all want…..i can give it to you.

      and YES, let’s eat cake of the chocolate variety.

    1. the squash one was fun to write and fun to live.

      thank you for the indulgence and for the happy birthday wishes.

  3. I also loved “italian lessons” and the baby Mac tweet stream (I can’t find it! but I know it’s there….)

    Anyhoozle, happiest of happy birthday eves!

    1. you turned 30 over thanksgiving, right? happy belated! cheers to our 30s!

      ah yes, the love letter to pizza. it’s still true. i love pizza. thanks for reminding me! :)

  4. I loved the *so fun!* one, for the structure and enthusiasm.

    Happy Birthday! I’ve told many of my *ahem* younger friends, and they’ve all come back to say I’m right, that the thirties are WAY better than the twenties. You’ll love it!

    1. i do keep hearing that the 30s are often a grand era in one’s life. if that’s the case, I CAN’T WAIT. only one hour and counting, bring it on, 30s. bring it on.

      thanks for the birthday wishes and thanks sharing your opinion on my blog! *tips hat* much obliged.

  5. Well of course my favorite post was was from November called “the art of listening.” It had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that you mentioned me in the post but more to do with the fact that I had another excuse to watch the video for “teenage dream” a song which I am nuts for. Thanks to you. I also liked the post you did called “not my words” where you shouted out about things that were going on in the virtual world that others may be interested in.

    PS Sorry I missed the mention of your birthday. 30? You are such a baby. Hope it was legen…wait for it…dary! Happy Belated Birthday.

    1. teenage dream (in particular that version of it) is in my top 10 favorite songs. it’s just such a joy. and it never fails to put a smile on my face.

      legen…wait for it…dary! i love that show. and yes, my birthday celebrations were in fact legendary. bring it on, 30s.

  6. My favorite post, though i can’t find it is the one where you get the new haircut and the hair dresser uses a new product which tingles your scalp and give you unexpected happiness and energy or something like that…. XOXO

  7. I’m sorry it’s taking me so long to get caught up! But HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Now that it’s no longer the eve, but the reign. Or something. Turning 30 is like being Miss America, right? All glamorous and charitable, with a surprising number of sashes?

    And like everyone else, I’m having a hard time deciding between Italian Lessons and little reading baby Abby. Because it’s super hard to choose between Too Awesome and Too Cute.

    1. ha ha ha. “no longer the eve, but the reign.” I LOVE IT. me and my sashes are gonna rain on you fools.

      uh, yeah. so 30’s going well. it certainly feels good with all those compliments you’re dropping.

      don’t stop.

    1. Nice like cake. Sweetest thing anyone’s said to me all year. Here, you can wear one of my 30 sashes. It’s like a fake ID in reverse.

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