star crossed self

the earth’s alignment has shifted. the new tilt has left wide spread changes in its wake.

what? you didn’t hear about it? you didn’t feel it? you didn’t smell the winds of change?

the new angle of the earth has affected the zodiac signs which means i went from being an independent and loyal (and awesome) capricorn to a globally thinking, fieryly enthusiastic sagittarius. i couldn’t even spell that word without looking it up and now it’s supposed to define me?

it sure seems as though everything describing a capricorn directly relates back to me, while the sagittarius depictions only relate to me in vague and foggy ways. but wait. when did i ever let the stars define me? i thought i was forged from the hardships and joys and triumphs and setbacks and giggles and tears and puddles and rainbows of every day life. and besides, how can a tilt of the earth change one’s personality?

i was born under the capricorn sign, so a capricorn i shall stay. although, being an archer sounds a lot more badass than a seagoat. maybe there is a silver lining in this shift of the stars.

i mean, if you believe in that sort of thing.

13 thoughts on “star crossed self”

  1. ha! i went from being a gemini to a taurus. not sure how i feel about that….although reading the descriptions of the two, i’m split pretty evenly between them…so *shrugs* whatever

    1. i mean, really, reading the descriptions of any of them, we can all find pieces of ourselves. it’s sort of why i find this whole thing silly. the horoscopes are told in such vague terms that they could apply to anyone.

      but on the other hand, you can’t rule out the stars….

  2. wait, i thought this new zodiac only applies to people born after 2001 or some other very recent date that we don’t have to worry about… i think we’re safe! i don’t really want to be an aries…

  3. It really only applies if you were born after 2009 or something like that. But if I were to abide by the new designation, I went from being a Taurus to an Aries. I don’t know about that.

    1. i am so glad to hear that! and, logically, it makes sense that it isn’t retroactive, just from that point on. i can’t say that i’m always a logical thinker though, as sometimes my head gets stuck in the stars.

  4. Good to know I have the earths tilt to thank for the sudden changes going on in my life. I mean, I had it all pretty mapped out you know? I went to the astrologer and got my chart done, but that was all for my former sign. I wonder if they will give me a refund? Because no way am I doling $2.99 for another reading. That would like break the bank, but at least now I know why none of the things they predicted have come to pass. I wonder is Nostradomus knew about this and if so why didn’t he warn us?

    1. oh! nostradomus. good point. he was wise. if he didn’t mention this, we shouldn’t worry our pretty little heads about it.

  5. Not only does it only apply to people born after 2009, since that’s when they did the star placement calculations, I believe (but I can’t find a source), but this isn’t new news, and it pretty much applies to nobody, since the astrology we’re all familiar with is called tropical astrology (which includes the sun sign astrology that everyone knows), and is based on the earth. So when it was set up thousands of years ago, all that shift stuff was taken into account, then discarded. Essentially.

    Check it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ophiuchus_%28astrology%29


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