jeannie moon to the rescue. here i am pondering what to tell you all when i find out she nominated me for a “stylish blog award” which means it’s now my turn to (a) reveal some secrets about me and (b) pay it forward.

PART A. facts about me.

1. i have never dyed my hair.

2. i used to have two holes pierced in each ear. now i only have one. i used to have my navel pierced. now i have none.

3. fingernails gross me out.

4. i have 2 plants in my office, a bamboo shoot and uh, something else. bamboo is basically a weed and so i couldn’t kill it if i tried and the second flower “likes sunshine and heat and indoors.” i can literally see it growing. it’s insane and kind of awesome, but it’s making me look like i have a green thumb. it’s a lie. a LIE i tell you. i think nameless flower is supposed to bloom sometime next month, but the whole “plant it outside in the spring” thing is going to be the death of that plant. you see, neither my apartment nor my work has a gardening plot. and thus, my lack of green thumb strikes again. at least i can enjoy the nameless flower for awhile longer.

5. my new netbook arrived and i spent last weekend writing. (note to self, remember to bring glasses home from work!) an unintended, but awesome side effect of owning a tiny computer…the screen is so small, it’s really annoying to look at the internet on it, which means i’m not tempted to do so which means WRITE ON with yo bad self.

6. my favorite gum is this which is nearly impossible to find anymore. the only store (and believe me, i’ve looked everywhere) that sells it anymore is a local place near work. they look at me funny when i buy 6 packs. i can’t help it. i’m addicted to this gum.

7. sleeping is my favorite. napping too.

PART B. pay it forward. so a lot of the names on jeannie’s list are ones that i would have listed, but the point is to introduce new blogs, so here are a few more than 15 MORE noteworthy blogs for you. their words inspire, teach, or provide a distraction. and now, i bequeath the stylish blog trophy to:

adriana kirilova

carrie harris

elizabeth ryann

ellen oh

embrace the detour

flirty baker

gina choe

the grateful project

janice hardy

jeffe kennedy

karla nellenbach

k.m. criddle

lay gastronomer

stephanie perkins

thoughtful eating

wander monster

when parents text

go forth and read.

5 thoughts on “i.o.u”

  1. 1. You can plant nameless soon to be flowering plant up here, then you’ll have even more of an excuse to come visit and see how its surviving.

    2. What netbook did you end up getting?

    1. i actually might take you up on that offer. if the picture on the package was any indication, it’s going to be gorgeous.

      dell latitude 2110. LOVE.

  2. I am still laughing. I don’t just have a black thumb, I have a black arm all the way to the elbow. I am great with the pets, but give me a plant and I can guarantee it will commit suicide. (this is how I deal)

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