it’s time to focus

as i’m delving deeper into my writing, it occurs to me that i need to be writing more. not in the blogging, twittering or emailing sense, but in the noveling sense.

exhibit A

exhibit B

exhibit C

i will probably limit myself to writing blog posts (and commenting on others), as it may be the distraction i need, but other than that, i’ll probably seem a bit absent from the interwebs for awhile. i need to buckle down and write, so that’s what i’m doing.

*enters writing cave*

13 thoughts on “it’s time to focus”

    1. i know. i’ve been finding myself getting caught up in twitter and reading blogs and finding articles on craft and researching conferences when in reality, i need to do as patrick says and just WRITE.

      but i already miss the camaraderie!

  1. good luck! hope your writing time is VERY PRODUCTIVE! and enjoyable, too. though the rest of us on the interwebs will miss you :( also, thanks for the link to Exhibit B — it’s genius!

    1. Agreed. It was both cute and motivating. “There’s something to be said for simply taking out the trash. It’s what makes my wife fantastic.” Loves it!

    2. adriana – i know. patrick’s descriptions of how his wife handles things is so obvious and so obviously what i needed to hear. just write. stop doing all that other stuff and write. there’s time to do all that other stuff, but most of it isn’t important until the book is done. cheers to productivity.

      and pebbsie – there are so many lines there that i wanted to quote, so i figured it was best to link to the whole thing. :)

    1. oooh, that’s one of the best wishes i’ve ever had given to me.

      and it’s my new mantra.

      thanks, pebbsie. i mean, garbage everywhere.

  2. I don’t want to limit myself on my social interactions, because I have met some awesome peeps, like you. But I find that I need to get back to my roots of not just the writing but the reading as well. I have not been putting enough time aside for that and I miss it. I miss the words of beloved authors which make me think and smile and cry. I miss reading beta’s and giving feedback. Not that I know anything, but just offering an opinion is wonderful. So this is the year I will be getting back to my roots too.

    1. it’s not that i want to shut down twitter and email and blogging, it’s that i need to (for at least a few weeks) so that i can re-learn how to prioritize my time. instead of popping on to check out twitter or read a new craft, i should be opening my WIP and writing 50 more words. it’s all about what i do with those little blips of time and for now, i need to train myself to WIP it up, not tweet it up.

      i couldn’t ever permanently give up twitter or blogging or emailing or reading because it’s delivered me people like you!

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