the most unfamiliar part of the night was not when i hopped offline to meet some online friends at last monday’s boston kid lit tweet-up* in central square. (*tweet-up: when a group of people, connected by twitter and a theme [in this case, children’s literature] decide to meet up in the real world.)

it wasn’t when i walked through the streets of central square and went left instead of right and crossed instead of staying on the side i was on. nor was it when i remembered this area of cambridge is my own personal bermuda triangle.

it wasn’t when i heard “abby?” from behind me and turned to find @pebbleinmyshoe. apparently her definition of “i’m going to be a half hour late” is “i’m going to be right on time.”

it wasn’t when i walked into the room and saw some unexpectedly familiar faces (@caseygirard) and met some of the ones i’d only interacted with online (@bostonbookgirl, @briquinlan, @mitaliperkins).

it wasn’t when i discovered @briquinlan isn’t actually a sweetheart…well, she IS, but not the piece of candy that her avatar (this) depicts. so anyways, what i mean is that she is a hilarious and curly headed writer.

it wasn’t when i discovered that though i’d only talked to a handful of these people before, the topic (all aspects of children’s literature) was comfortable. from production to writing to agenting to illustrating to selling to reviewing to trends to ebooks, this was what brought us together and what kept us chatting for 2+ hours.

it wasn’t when i heard excited exclamations of “oh, abby of the sunglasses fame?” or “abby from twitter??!!” (my profile pic is one where i’m wearing sunglasses, so i guess i was a little incognito myself as i wasn’t wearing any that night. [i may be cool, but i don’t wear my sunglasses at night.])

it wasn’t when pebbsie and i found out that anindita knows jandy nelson (author of THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE, one of the most stunning, gorgeous, and haunting novels ever written) meaning we were now only two degrees separated from the genius that is jandy nelson. nor was it when people couldn’t hear past our screeching and thought we said the title was DIETS EVERYWHERE. or (as pebbsie thought they said), GARBAGE EVERYWHERE.

the craziest part of the night was during the group introductions when i had to stand up and say “hi, i’m a writer.”

16 thoughts on “tweet-a-leedly-dee”

    1. i know! my first time meeting people i met from twitter. so fun!

      and thanks. it just seems weird (to me) to call myself a writer when i’m unagented and unpublished. i suppose this is when i refer myself back to tawna’s post about “you are a writer, dammit.”

  1. Yes. Yes you are! Funny story: the other night I said something to Justin about your book and he was “Wait, Abby’s a writer?” and I said “Yes, she is!” :)

    But I think I know what you mean. It’s one thing to do something, quietly, at home, by yourself, and another to publicly identify yourself as the doer of that thing (sorry, I haven’t had enough caffeine so I’m incoherent.) I have a similar reaction to calling myself a “poet.” Took me a long time to put that in my Twitter bio :))) I still balk at that word a little.

    I’m sorry I had to miss what sounds like a really fun evening! :(

    1. considering i don’t drink caffeine (sad. oh so sad), what you said makes a ton of sense to me. it is one thing to be doing it home alone (TWSS) and an entirely different thing to say it out loud as an identifying trait.

      and YES, you are a poet. that is obvious. yet, why is it so hard to admit these things to ourselves? perhaps we should form a support group, hold it at grafton over bottles of wine, i’ll call you poet, you can address me as writer. capish?

  2. If I had a virtual happy face sticker, I would put it on this post.
    (à la Barney Stinson) Haaaaaaaaaaave you met Abby-the-Writer?

    1. if I had a virtual happy face sticker, i’d put it on your new name. GETTFKAP for short.

      i can only hope abby-the-writer will produce results like ted-mosby-architect.

      1. GETTFKAP sounds like it could be an insult. you know, something you say to someone who sits on you on the T. GETTFKAP, do you hear me!?! :))

        Barney Stinson rocks. Is the boat – i mean blog – real?

        1. or GETTFKAP could be one of those words you have to enter on blog comments to prove you’re not spam. i wonder what definition LINDA GRIMES would give that?

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