analogy 101

how match.com is like querying an agent:

(1) you sign up for the website (match.com/agentquery.com)

(2) you troll through the interwebs searching for the boy/agent who has similar values, sense of humor, intelligence, ambition, track record, and/or represents your genre.

(3) you craft an email/query letter.

(4) you imagine all the ways this boy/this agent will be your missing piece.

(5) you revised that email/query letter.

(6) you (might) doddle your names together/craft your acknowledgments page.

(7) you ponder possible first date/THE CALL options.

(8) you polish the email/query letter to perfection because you have one shot to make that first impression, to entice the boy/agent with your/manuscript’s witty banter.

(9) you wonder if it’s excitement, anticipation, or just heartburn.

(10) you cross your fingers and hit SEND.

(11) rinse, return to step 2, repeat.

12 thoughts on “analogy 101”

    1. yeah, thanks.

      you go enjoy your (real or fake) rose petals and your champagne and your hubby and your cruise and your 20 years of marriage.

      seriously though, ENJOY IT. and please take notes cause i can’t wait to hear all about it.

  1. I’ve been thinking of making a video a la Jeff Somers of me and my query hell. It would show me surrounded by reams of paper… I think I had 30 versions of SEND’s. I like your analogy better!

    1. yes, you did have a zillion versions, but the important thing to note is that you wrote a successful one! i’m so psyched about that. and can’t wait til i get there…..

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