the princess & the space shuttle

i was trolling through twitter looking for blog ideas. adriana suggested i write more book reviews, which triggered an idea, but before i could get into the office to write that post that idea was obliterated.

let’s back up a minute. once upon a time…

*the sun rises* *an alarm clock screams* *abby wakes to an overcast, but not yet rainy, day*

somehow, despite the gloomy morning and late bedtime the previous night, i manage to finish my morning routine 20 minutes ahead of schedule. (i know! great day, right?) i skip out the door and head to the bus stop. i’m almost there when i see the shuttle pull up (note: i like to call it the shuttle because it makes me think i’m boarding a spaceship and isn’t that infinitely more interesting than a bus? yup, i work on mars.) so i’m at the intersection and have the stop lights working for me, but still, the shuttle revs its jet engine and i’m forced to make a mad dash (frogger style) across the street.

i catch it.

as i hop on, i see the little girl who’s often on the same bus. she looks at me, grins, and turns to her father. “look, it’s the princess.”

her father laughs. “i guess you’re a princess,” he says.

“only on thursdays,” i say.

this little girl, who is between the ages of two and three, and i, we’ve never spoken, only exchanged smiles, so i’m not sure where she got this idea from. but hey, who am i to argue? if i can take a space shuttle to work, then her imagination’s allowed to place me amongst the stars.

12 thoughts on “the princess & the space shuttle”

    1. i mean, it’s what i’ve dreamed up since i was a little girl. although, seeing all the shenanigans kate middleton has to go through, maybe being a princess isn’t all parties and tiaras and parades…

  1. hey, if the little girl said it, it must be true. rock on with your princess self.

    and you should definitely start reviewing books…i love it and i’ve found that when i read a book in order to review i look more closely at everything…not just the story. and it really has helped me identify problems in my own writing.

    1. interesting point about book reviews being a form of education. in that case, i’ll get right on it! seriously.

      and yes, if the words (you’re a princess) were spoken aloud, they must be true. just like everything printed on the internet is true. :)

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