winner winner chicken dinner

sometimes you feel like a winner.

and sometimes YOU ACTUALLY ARE.

and by you, i mean ME.

the evidence is right here.


AND HERE, but that one i originally lost (in fact i didn’t even enter). but adriana had won and i jumped into the fray when bria couldn’t remember adriana’s twitter handle. i steered her in the right direction, but then, i won because i have a kindle app on my phone which is a smidge more than what adriana has. (thank you, droid incredible). SEE, i’m even winning when i’m losing (hmm, that sounds like something charlie sheen would say. and HMMM, he’s making a lot of appearances in this post.)

seriously, the first link is hilarious and is all sorts of awesomesauce. not that anyone should be surprised considering it’s tawna fenske who hosted the contest.

what? it’s too much to click a link? ok fine, here’s where i’m declared a winner via a handful of cheerios, a fish, and a stop watch reading 58.8 seconds.

thank you, tawna, mom & pop fenske, malcom, and dana, who’s guess was so hilarious, i voted for her to win.

and in other news from the interwebs, check out what i can do on my blog now:

what did YOU accomplish today?

and by you, i mean YOU, my blog readers.

12 thoughts on “winner winner chicken dinner”

  1. that video is way cool! not as cool as charlie sheen’s peen, but close :))

    congrats again! you have to let us know what you win! i hope it’s something less green and shriveled than charlie sheen’s peen.

    1. the video cracks me up, but what’s even funnier is that i was so excited to see how she chose the winner, i didn’t read any further once i hit play. my name was right under the vid, but i didn’t even see it, so i was beyond surprised to hear my name called at the end. i will be watching that video over and over again. i love being a part of her #gettingleid trip.

  2. i haven’t accomplished anything yet toeday…unless you count the fact that i rewrote chapter one of my current wip AGAIN…if you think about it, if you put the number of times ive rewritten that chapter together, i’d actually have an entire book done already…well, maybe two :(

    1. you’re writing and revising and, in general, being awesomely productive. that definitely deserves a pat on the back.

      and besides, it’s still early. you’ve got the whole day in front of you!

  3. Messiah Lacrosse just beat 4th ranked F &M :) biggest upset ever! And I was a part of it!!!!!!!!! :) Florida rocks :)

    1. CONGRATS!!! i’d say you take the cake for accomplishments today. i hope the rest of your “business trip” continues in the same vein. or is it vane? neither makes sense and it seems as though my brain is on your spring break….

  4. Cool polling app!

    And congrats again on winning so many blog contests. Obviously, you’re a winner. :)

    All I’ve accomplished so far today is getting a blog post up and reading other people’s blogs. You know, the fun stuff. :)

    1. i’m beginning to feel like i’ve somehow absorbed tawna’s luck at winning contests….

      accomplishing the fun stuff is a GREAT way to start the day. happy hump day to you!

  5. That video is hilarious!! Congrats on the win :) If the prize is as awesome as the video it will be a great one! See you soon. xoxo

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