love child

i’ve decided that if i could be anyone when i grow up, i want to be the spawn of LINDSEY LEAVITT and JANDY NELSON. well, to be precise, i want my writing to be a combination of the two. think of the amazeballs books i’d produce if jandy’s luscious and vivid prose + lindsey’s startling and hilarious life lessons = MY WRITING.

i’ve still got time to grow, right?

although, if that dream doesn’t work out, i wouldn’t mind becoming a chef so that i could make myself a different type of pizza every day. and i also assume my taste buds would be more worldly thus removing the embarrassment of having to say, “eww, spinach? broccoli? mushrooms? pineapple?” so perhaps what i need here is for my taste buds to hit maturity rather than my cooking skills.

if you could be anyone or anything but yourself when you grow up, who would you be?

11 thoughts on “love child”

  1. Nice one. Or nice two :) I applaud both endeavors! Persevere!

    I think I want to be Jandy Nelson too :) Or a chocolatier. Or a stupendously talented musician — a pianist, a violinist, or a singer.

    1. what if we were a set of siamese jandy nelson twins. now that would make us famous!

      oooh, a pianist. i want to do that too. or at least listen to one of your concerts, which pray tell, when will that be???

  2. How about never :) While it’s true that I used to play, in my youth, heh, I’ve given up hope I’ll ever be as good as I used to be — which, mind you, was never all that good. So that’s just a dream now. If I’d started earlier, practiced harder, and not completely stopped playing for six years… :))


      p.s. you’re too hard on yourself. your miles better than my “i took piano for 2 years” so you should let me listen in. i promise i’ll be impressed.

  3. when it comes to writing, I wouldn’t mind being some kind of mutt from Laurie Halse Anderson, Sarah Dessen, Jandy Nelson…and Tawna Fenske. Yes, I said Tawna. I would kill for her humorous writing chops.

    on the cooking homefront, if Bobby Flay, Morimoto, Chuck Hughes, and Rachel Ray could all be smooshed together, I’d want to be that smooshed by-product…okay…that didn’t sound appetizing, but you know how it is…

    1. oooh, i like your combinations. mutts and smooshiness and all. i also like your unsmooshed self as well. :)

  4. Hmmmmm…I’d like to be the love child of Neil Gaiman (quirky, cool, awesome stories)+Wes Anderson(quirky, cool, awesome movies)+Sofia Coppola(quirky, cool, awesome style&moves)+Zeus(god).

    If I could be anyone but my adult self, I’d be:
    -a sailor (ocean, boats, sea breeze, booze, sleeping in hammocks)
    -Almanzo Wilder (farmer, cow trainer, dreamy–wait, is it wrong that I find him dreamy but then want to be dreamy-ed about?. . . awkward)
    -an actress who only works for PBS Masterpiece Classics (play dress up)
    -backup dancer
    -owner of a ramen noodle stand (drool)

    1. well, miss pe-ew!, that is quite a list. i’m not even quite sure how to tackle it except to say your comments about almanzo wilder and being dreamy-ed about are relevant and pertinent and acceptable. get down with your dreamy self.

    1. i hear ya, sugar. children cry and dogs howl when i sing, which is why i refrain from doing it, EVER.

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