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WHERE SHE WENT (to japan)

first, there was THIS. and i was blown away.

next, THIS was written. and i couldn’t wait.

then the earthquake and tsunami happened and we all joined together for japan. including this contest by @gayleforman:

RT @gayleforman 10 signed #WhereSheWent. I give $1 to Japan Red Cross for every tweet. You tell me what selflessness is.

for those who don’t speak twitter-ese, let me decode for you. there are two parts. (1) gayle had 10 signed copies of the sequel WHERE SHE WENT and she was going to give them away to those who told her what selflessness was. (2) for every tweet TO her and ABOUT the contest, she would donate $1 to the red cross to help the japanese relief efforts.

the tweets were flying! it was quite cool to read all the other entries. some were serious. some were funny. ALL were helping the red cross. i did my part to spread the word about the contest and then i entered. twice. because selflessness is such a big word, it needed two entries. here were my entries:

@gayleforman selflessness is you donating to the red cross just because we pushed a RT button. #whereshewent

@gayleforman selflessness is my mom. any mom. all moms. well, most moms. #whereshewent

then, i went back to work because well, that’s what i do. plus, they say the good stuff happens when  you least expect it/you aren’t looking. i  checked back into twitter around 5 and found out this:

RT@gayleforman: @abbymumford You get one. For general awesomeness. And specific. [and then she put in some technical information.]

did one of my favorite authors really just pick me? AND call me generally and specifically awesome? heck yeah she did. my winning streak sure is thriving! and NOW, i’m forwarding on the good will and good cheer in two different ways.

(1) gayle has inspired me not only to be a better writer, but to be better, in general, in life, so i’ve donated to shelterbox, the harvard square bake sale, and to the american red cross to benefit japan. it wasn’t much, but i’m happy to add what little i can.

(2) by staging my own contest. that’s right. i’m giving away a brand new (not signed, sorry) copy of WHERE SHE WENT. all YOU have to do, dear readers, is comment below and tell me WHERE SHE WENT.

(you can answer any way BUT seriously because i do not approve of spoilers. the book was just released today, so if you have finished it already, power to you!)

and, GO.

oh wait, i should mention you have until THURSDAY APRIL 7 at 5pm EST to enter. the winner will be announced during my next post on FRIDAY APRIL 8.

now, GO.

22 thoughts on “WHERE SHE WENT (to japan)”

  1. “my temperature runs about 10 degrees hotter than normal which means someday i might just spontaneously combust. i’m hoping to be on your bookshelf before that.”

    she went up in flames ;)

  2. Abby, this is GREAT and you are awesome. She went… to take care of mom.

    (Don’t enter me for the contest though; I pre-ordered the book and should get it today.:) )

    1. i’m thinking the SHE is YOU and YOU are a fantastic daughter. i’m keeping your mom in my thoughts!

      and yay for preorders! congrats to you because you’ve already won. :)

  3. I’m removing myself from the contest. I just like the challenge:)

    I hope you’re not sick of the garbage thing because Adi wondered how long I could keep it going and I cannot lose.

    1. a friend wondered last night if i was using up my lifetime of luck……*gulp*……maybe i should remove myself from all future contests (except those pertaining to agents and book contracts).

      AND i could never be sick of the garbage thing. it’s one of the few things that regularly tickles me pink (without actually tickling me, which is a HUGE bonus) so please don’t stop. even if it’s just to prove adriana wrong.

  4. she went… on an adventure. to change her life and his.

    I didn’t know if this was supposed to relate to the book, but thats where I imagine Mia and Adam go on their life-changing 24 hour day in NY, on an adventure.

  5. She went for a ride
    With her guy by her side
    They stopped for a pop
    And put down the top
    He leaned in for a kiss
    And trust me, didn’t miss
    After, she floated home
    Where was she…I say Rome

      1. Well, I am a genius…just saying.

        PS No spoilers here, but I think “cousin” Abby may be making an appearance in the Fun and Games next edition on Tuesday. So you may want to check that out.

          1. Abby already got an honorable mention b/c she is so awesome and #teamlucky. But if Linda wants a cameo…who am I to say no? I will find a way to work it in…hey you used to be a teacher right? Challenge accepted.

            PS Oh, and I was sucking up to win the contest. What can I say. I am totally shameless!

            There is no way I am going to win now b/c I have been working to hard for it. That’s okay, I forgive her!

  6. damn, i missed all this awesomeness!!! so glad you blogged about it and CONGRATULATIONS!!!! gayle’s tweet warms my heart :)

    p.s. i’m going to donate some more right now.

    p.s.s. i love both of your entries on selflessness.

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