i haz no words…

…so here, read theirs:

WRITING ADVICE by janice hardy. seriously, everything she says is this “AHA! LIGHTBULB! IS THAT YOU, OPRAH?” moment. the only downside is that she posts so frequently, i find it hard to find the time to read every post because each one deserves to be read with a fine tooth comb. or with a pen and paper for notes. or with a glass of wine. you know, how ever you roll. (also? her books are so so fun. THE SHIFTER and BLUE FIRE.)

HILARITY by allie. this is seriously funny business.

THE SPACE BETWEEN by lauren miller. a post i’ve linked to before but i’m linking to it again because i can’t stop thinking about it. it usually crosses my mind as i glance at the clock which reads 2:15am, 3:27am, 4:12am, 5:34am, etc.

CONVERSATIONS WITH STRANGERS. i came across this blog from her other tumblr site: HGRB. that is a lighthearted blog and perhaps this one started as one too, but it’s evolved into something more. she says this started as a way to combat her shyness and i must say, it’s working. she comes across as confident, witty, and interesting. plus, she always manages to say so much more than just what she writes in each short post. this is a read between the lines keeper!

READING RECOMMENDATIONS by michelle hodkin. a lot of buzz is swirling about michelle’s upcoming novel THE UNBECOMING OF MARA DYER and while i’ve read the first chapter (and sufficiently scared myself), but aside from all that, i’ve had a few interactions with her on twitter and she is awesome. not to mention yesterday she was giving away free book recommendations (based on the last 3 books you’ve read) in the comments section of the post. her point was that we should all break out of our reading habits. re-reading the comments section is a great way to add to your own TBR list.

this is what my life feels like right now.

anything else YOU’D like to add?

4 thoughts on “i haz no words…”

    1. the cat’s expression, the limbs all tucked up, the full speed ahead, it ALL cracks me up. and then i weep a little when i realize my life is going nowhere fast. i need to stop flailing and start swimming FULL SPEED AHEAD for reals, yo.

  1. the cat is awesome! we can all learn from its don’t-mess-with-me patience :)) i think the lesson it’s trying to teach you is not necessarily about speed though. it’s about acceptance — if life is dragging you forward and you can’t stop it, sometimes the best thing you can do is tuck your paws in and let it take you where it’s going to take you. the path of least resistance and all that :))

    i love the insomnia post. i’ve read it before (i’m sure because of you linking to it), but i’m glad you linked to it again.

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