i expected to be writing a different post. one filled with springtime temperatures and babies and family and easter egg hunts as my family spent easter weekend up here with me. however, baby mac got sick and then got her mom sick, so sister J and family had to leave boston, which meant it was the parents, sister E and i left to weather the storms mother nature set upon us.

we were a bit soggy and chilly, but the more surprising thing is what happened after they left. i was busy packing up my room and was shifting from one task (shoes) to another (pulling down pictures) to this (spackling nail holes) to that (the mini bookshelf) to here (the top of the shelf) to there (cleaning the mirror) and back again. i’m usually very focused, but i guess a move of this magnitude brings out the A.D.D. in me.

i had finally finished up the shoes and was lugging the rather large box out of my room. a second after i stepped through the doorway, i heard a loud noise. i’m holding an awkwardly sized and not light box, so i continued onward with that and when i returned to my room, i saw this:

that loud noise i had heard? it was my full length mirror crashing to the ground and was now shattered. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO ME? seven years bad luck? a chance to buy a new one? a dangerous mess to clean up? a portal to another world that i should jump through? i suppose it’s really all in how you deal with superstitions, but aside from it being a really difficult word for me to spell, i am nervous about this.

wikipedia tells me superstitions aren’t based on reason or knowledge so i guess like most things in life, it’s all about what you decide to focus on. i could get stuck on the fact that i found out last night (mere minutes after said mirror broke) that i’m now saddled with a full sized refrigerator because my landlord is not from this planet and has no clue that it’s so much easier for him to buy this (only 7 year old) fridge off me than for him to buy a brand new one OR i could fixate on the fact that my coworker just left three chocolate eggs on my desk.

even if these two things don’t carry quite the same weight, i’m going to concentrate on the charming, delicious nature of the latter, BUT just in case, i’m going to keep this around my neck for awhile longer.

6 thoughts on “superstitions”

  1. Mmmm. Chocolate eggs. Focus on that.

    Oh, and I vote that the broken mirror is a portal to another world. But before you jump, tie a rope around your waist, just in case you need help finding your way back.

    1. i’m not known for my sense of direction, so yeah, good point. i’ll leave a trail of breadcrumbs….

  2. A few years ago when Justin and I were in Ptown for the summer, one night we woke up from a loud crash. Turns out the huge mirror that was on the bedroom wall, about 2 feet from Jthe bed, had fallen to the floor. Just like that. There was no wind, no movement in the house. The mirror just gave up and fell down. Creepy, eh? And it broke into gazillion pieces… That was in 2006. I have to say, I haven’t noticed any changes in my luck since then :)

    Mm, chocolate eggs!

    1. okay, that is scary! and also, reassuring because it means my luck is going to hold steady as is. i can handle that. now if only i could figure out how to get out of this portal i’m now standing in…

  3. I don’t believe in bad luck and I am not superstitious. But if I did, I wouldn’t worry about the mirror. I think a higher power was telling you that with all you have to move you need a new one. And the lady leaving chocolate eggs on your desk. I am sure that was just a mistake and she meant to leave them on mine. So hand them over sister!

    1. VERY INTERESTING take on luck. thanks for the new perspective.

      and uh, sorry, already ate the chocolate eggs. better luck next time. (pun intended).

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