it starts off small…

with a comment like THIS.

and a reply like THIS.

and before i know it, i’m having a conversation with an agent of awesomesauce and an editor from a big name publisher. both who work with kids books. which is what i happen to write.

sure, the conversation is lighthearted and about things unrelated to books, but this is the thing (all you Twitter naysayers out there): it’s all about networking. and no, that’s not the sole reason i’m on Twitter. i’m on there with the intention of education and sure, for a bit of procrastination. networking just happens to be a happy side effect since the publishing community is so active on Twitter.

and maybe now when my query comes in with the masses of other query letters, it won’t get smushed at the bottom of the electronic pile. maybe it’ll get moved to the top because, hmm, my name is familiar. and maybe when i’m agented and my MSS is being submitted, it too will go to the head of the class instead of being ignored because, hey, i “know” that girl from twitter and i liked what i saw.

let’s take a moment to savor that dream.

you know what though? even if this is just a big game of what if and none of it comes to fruition, for this tiny moment today, i feel important. people (of influence) were talking about me without any original input from me. that’s plain lovely.

score one more for Twitter.

12 thoughts on “it starts off small…”

    1. royal rubbish indeed. it’s a day for the history books. england’s and hopefully, eventually, mine! cause, you know, getting pubbed and… yeah.

      1. Actually, I first noticed Michelle at the AgentQuery website. Then I noticed her on Twitter (after one of my CPs dragged me, kicking and screaming the whole way, onto Twitter), and thought she was a laugh riot. Figured she might be a good match for the bawdy stuff I write, and it turned out I was right. :)

    1. haha! that’s awesome. we’ve been in the same room at the same time and we were both sans sunglasses, so i can confirm we’re not one and the same. but i’m glad to be confused with her! :)

  1. I hear you loud & clear. A few days ago, I wrote that before mentioned post about the Christian album by my high school friend. On one side it’s a new band trying to work with a growing blogger. On the other side, it’s a new blogger trying to work with an awesome sounding band! Either way, no matter who’s the “important” one, , it’s two old friends catching up, both getting to take advantage of the networking that is Facebook!

    Go Abs, I say YOU are the important one!

    1. thanks, dan! i like your line of thinking. we are all important — it’s just a matter of perspective. i say both our glasses are half full!

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