be brave by veronica roth

i seem to be happening upon a lot of articles recently about how peoples’ brains work. this one on fear by veronica roth is borderline genius and took an indescribable amount of courage not only to write but to post for the whole of the interwebs to view. it’s important (for me right now) because i need to be brave in writing, in life, and in going to sleep*, so i’m hoping to take a page out of her book (tee hee).

read it.

that is all.

*things i never thought i’d say: sleeping is hard to do (when you’re the only one in the apartment.)

4 thoughts on “be brave by veronica roth”

  1. That was a great post by Veronica. Brave, indeed. I imagine a lot of writers suffer through the same thing to some extent. Maybe not crippling anxiety, but enough to make itself known.

    Hang in there, Abby. You ARE brave. :)

    1. i’m just going through an adjustment period….i’m so glad i have all these literary types to offer advice and words of wisdom and write me books to read while i’m avoiding going to sleep at night.

      hmm, wait, maybe that’s a good time for ME to write MYSELF a book….

  2. Brave post, and well written. Thanks for linking!

    As for YOUR anxieties and fears — even if they don’t ever disappear completely, I hope they shrink enough to be manageable. You can do this. To quote another fictional character (Mia’s mom), fake it till you make it :)

    1. i also can’t stop thinking about DIVERGENT, so suffice it to say, veronica’s an all around swell gal. again, i’d like to take a page out of that book!

      i too would like the anxiety to shrink to a more manageable size because otherwise, i’m going to have to start drinking caffeine again and that never turns out well. :)


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