convos with strangers

conversations with strangers #2

to refresh your memory, here’s the deal.

i was at my favorite indie book store, porter square books, and i was looking to purchase steven king’s ON WRITING. since i really only ever look at the YA section, i wasn’t sure where this book would be located, so i needed help.

“could you tell me if you have steven king’s ON WRITING?” i said.

“sure. just one moment.” the female employee stopped her task and typed on the computer. “yes, we have one copy.”

we walked over to the reference section (ah ha!) and searched for it. it took some time, but it was a crowded area and there was  a woman studying nearby, so i decided to wait patiently instead of making idle chit chat. (i told you my conversation skills need work, hence this experiment.)

“here it is!” she pulled it off the shelf and handed it to me, delighted. “i’m glad i was able to find it.”

“me too. thank you.”

i followed her back to the register.

“will that be all today?” she said.

“it is.”

“are you in our customer program*?”

“yes, and actually, i have a coupon.”

a male employee walked over and inspected my purchase. “oh! this is a great book. he puts in a lot of biographical information. you’ll like it.”

“i’ve heard many good things about this. i’m excited to read it.”

“with the coupon, the total will be $9.05,” the woman said.

“thanks again for helping me find this book,” i said as i finished paying.

“no problem. have a good day.”

“you too,” i said and walked off into the sunshine amazed at how quickly a book about the solitary act of writing can spawn two conversations with strangers.

6 thoughts on “conversations with strangers #2”

  1. I expect a report once you’ve read it! I wonder if you’ll flag the same things I flagged :) Oh, hey, first smiley face after the boycott, all for you!

    1. i will definitely give you a full report. i’m trying to get through my library books, and then ON WRITING here i come.

      p.s. did you manage to go a full 24 hours without an emoticon?? i didn’t, but your boycott did make me stop and think before i would use one. is this necessary!?!? :) yes, yes it is.

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