while you were out…

and by YOU, i mean me. i’m in italy. again. but this time in a different part and with my family and with NO WORK in sight for the next two weeks. my life rocks.

so while i’m gone, here, enjoy some of the stuff the interwebs has for you.

what makes a strong female character?

what should a writer wear? by linda grimes

25 things you never knew had names

the aurora borealis is on my list of things i must see with my own two eyes. until then, i can watch this.

then there’s this blog which is chock full of hilarious advice and snappy commentary and inspirational mumbogumbo.

these fan art pictures of the HUNGER GAMES trilogy characters are so cool. i can’t predict where the link will start. i’m hoping it’s on the picture of katniss in her gown from the opening ceremony, but if not, look for number 11 [of 42]. simply stunning.)

how about this post about a dog? i gotta keep the masses happy. and trust me, this will make you laugh.

and finally, a glee flash mob (video courtesy of sis-in-law M).

discuss amongst yourselves.

6 thoughts on “while you were out…”

  1. Aw, thanks for the link to my blog.

    Hope you’re having an absolute blast in Italy with your family! Can’t wait to hear about it. :)

    1. You are welcome. And I too can’t wait for this trip to start. We’re dealing with some flight delays at the moment…

  2. Wow, that dress IS stunning! Thanks for the link!

    Have fun in Italy! It’s too bad you won’t be tweeting #italianlessons again, I loved those. So make sure you collect them and tell them to us later!

    1. My cousin showed me a trick, so I might be able to sneak online provided where I am has WiFi! perhaps there will be an #italianlessons in there. :)

  3. have so much fun in italia. have a gelato for me. i will raise a pretzel and beer for you from germany.

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