convos with strangers

conversations with strangers #3

to refresh your memory about why i’m talking with strangers, here’s the deal.

i was beebopping as guster sang song after song. brian was jamming on the bongos. adam was strumming his gee-tar. luke (i think that’s the new guy’s name) was enjoying the crowd. and ryan was wailing when SPLASH. something cold and wet landed my arm. i half turned and saw a guy a near me flinch as well. i semi-smiled to let him know that “eww” i was hit too. apparently my smile didn’t translate in the darkened room.

“it wasn’t me,” the guy said.

i turned fully and smiled bigger. “oh, i know.”

“it’s just beer.”

“as long as that’s all it is.”

we cringed and laughed weakly, as i wiped the last drops off my arm and focused my attention back on the stage.

4 thoughts on “conversations with strangers #3”

    1. yup, you can pretty much count on something being spilled on or around you at every concert. perhaps TG’s got it right by working in the theater instead of a music hall…

    1. if you looked at the splatter of the beer drops on my arm, you’d be able to determine the trajectory of the liquid came from above, not from the left side, where the boy was standing. but if it had, i would have gotten my mosh pit on and hurt him.

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