speak up!

we all like to feel the love, so how can i get more of you to comment?

or should i take your silence as a sign you want me to do this:


6 Responses to “speak up!”

  1. adriana Says:

    Shoot, I was hoping I could pick more than one! :) I picked the silly, but more advice and more serious posts are good too. And of course more chocolate! Less unicorns :) And no, we do not want you to do that thing in the picture, ok??

    • abby mumford Says:

      you can only choose one? hrm, poll daddy could use some work.

      thanks for the input. all items have been noted.

  2. Linda G. Says:

    Hey, I liked most of those! Since I could only pick one, though, I chose silly. The world can use all the silly it can get. :)

    • abby mumford Says:

      i concur. a plate of silly is coming right up. and by “right up”, i mean on tuesday for my next post.

  3. Kelly Breakey Says:

    I think you need to be write about how awesome I am and stop competing against me in contests.

    But other than that…you should just go wherever the wind takes you.

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