sugar lips

when you hear the nickname “sugar lips”, you’d probably turn around and flip off the person who called you that. unless you actually HAD sugar lips, in which case, you’d probably nod your head at the truth of the statement. unless you were a zombie and if you nodded, your head fell off. then you’d have to figure out where your head rolled to. and you’d have to do so by flailing your arms around because (as you well know) you’ve now lost your sight, taste, hearing, and scent senses and are only left with touch. and then, provided you found it, you’d have to reattach your head using some sort of zombie voodoo because by this point, you’d be hungry again and brains are not that easy to come by.

“what’s this all about?” you ask, delicately refraining from adding, “sugar lips.”

they say you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but when your cover looks like this, how can you not?

my judgement? evocative.

i confess i don’t know much about zombies, nor do i know how they’d get lips like those especially since i always assumed they ate brains; brains which are more gelatinous matter than sugar crystals…but what’s my point? this cover? this book? I WANT. i want it like a football player wants a touchdown or a tackle (position depending). i want it like a zombie wants brains. i want it like kate grable wants the antidote.

(see what i did there? i made clever plot references. read here for a full book description.)

fortunately, i don’t have to wait much longer as it’s being unleashed in the wild on JULY 12, but while we wait a little bit longer, the author, carrie harris is having a contest. here’s the post where she details the rules. basically she’s asking her “readers” (i use the term loosely because we haven’t read her work yet so in reality, we’re her future readers. hey cool, i’m coming to you live from the future!) to spread the news about the book’s imminent release. so consider yourself updated and make sure to go to the bookstore on or around JULY 12 to get this book before it gets you because when dealing with zombies, it’s always better to strike first.

(also, you should click the link because her website is beyond amazing.) (and also, ALSO, you’re going down, Breakey. this contest is mine!)

and just in case a zombie apocalypse happens before TUESDAY JULY 12, i’m headed to the nearest candy shop to buy the biggest sugar crystals and coating my lips in them because if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em and if you’re too wimpy to beat ’em and too scared to join ’em, it’s best to try to blend in.

how’s my camouflage?

p.s. no, that is not me. i wish i teeth like that. all the better to eat you with.

wait, wrong story.

8 thoughts on “sugar lips”

  1. Hm. Personally I find the second picture you posted a lot more disturbing :)

    Every time I’ve seen the BAD TASTE IN BOYS cover, I can’t help but think that’s salt. Like the kind of salt that you’d dip a margarita glass in. (Mm, margaritas, yum!) I don’t know, there’s just something about that picture that screams SALT to me! And that makes it all the more haunting. I find that a lore more intriguing than sugar. Does it say somewhere explicitly that it’s sugar?

    Let me know how the zombies are! I sure hope there’s not too much gelatinous matter flying around, because I would like to read the book, but I’m not interested in chunks of brain :)

    1. you do realize that with a single word – SALT – you’ve underminded my entire contest entry?!?! good one, kirilova. good one.

      in serious news, HUH. salt. that is more intriguing if only because salt erodes and sugar sweetens. zombies eroding makes a heckuva lot more sense than sweet zombies.

      wow. mind blown.

      1. Oh crap! If I’d clicked on the link to the contest, I would’ve seen that sugar was the theme :)) Duh. Sorry!

        Honestly I wasn’t even thinking about the zombie-sugar vs zombie-salt connection… just going by the cover. Which I love. And the title.

        1. i was kidding. you know that, right? well, just about the part where you screwed up my chances to win. the other part — the thinking about how salt and/or sugar affects zombies — that part i am fascinated with.

  2. Dear Mummy Spice:

    Well as much as I love you…and that is a lot since we sista’s and all, I hate to be the one to steal your sugar…er, wait, no that just sounds wrong. I’m afraid you don’t have a chance in zombieland of winning that ARC, but nice try.

    On another note, I think I do like the idea of lips in salt. I always go for the salty over the sweet anyway.

    Until next time, or in this case, a winner is announced *Go Kelly*…

    Vampy Spice

    Undeadspicegirls Rule!

    1. dear vampy,

      please don’t ever steal my sugar again. i need to have some on hand in case my zombie neighbor needs to borrow a cup. who knows, maybe they like their brains with some sugar sprinkled on top.

      in the event both of our entries are deemed not worthy, we can cheer ourselves up with an undead spice girls reunion tour.


  3. I think I’m leaving mummy and vampy to fight this one out.

    The cover? Yes, Abby, I agree…evocative.

    If you do coat your lips in sugar, promise to tell me how that goes with the gentlemen up there in New England, hmmmm?

    1. perhaps i should try that out on the dating scene. heck, i’ve tried pretty much all else, but if they need therapy after me, i’m sending you the bill! :)

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