if you could tell your younger self anything, what would it be?

me? i’d tell younger me to start wearing heels because she’s not getting any taller.

i’d tell her to pay more attention in math class. she will need to know how to add and subtract in real life.

i’d tell her that she actually likes brownies baked from a box better than from scratch. (sorry mom, i’m sticking with betty crocker.)

i’d tell her to learn to read a map. and i’d tell her it’s okay to get lost because she does (and always will), but it’s those detours where her character is built. and i’d tell her she should always go in the direction opposite of what she thinks she should do. it’s the only way she’ll ever get to her end destination.

i’d tell her she wins an olympic gold medal (and see what sport she focuses on) because maybe that dream could still be cultivated.

i’d tell her to keep up the thank you notes because there’s nothing quite as lovely as receiving a handwritten note.

i’d tell her to ease up on the worrying and self doubting.

i’d tell her to take her parents’ advice more often. they actually do know what they’re talking about.

i’d tell her that when things go wrong, THAT’S when you learn.

but i’d only say those things in the barest of whispers because the information really sticks when she learns it for herself.

8 thoughts on “question”

  1. That is lovely, but I would tell my younger self anything. Every hit to the heart she took was worth it. Every mountain climbed was celebrated and every detour she took led her exactly to where she is today. Honestly, that’s a place I really like living.

  2. Check your holiday garbage schedule for changes in your solid waste and recycling pickup services. says:

    Yes, thank you notes!

    -You know that time period when you thought that your arms were fat? You were wrong, so go wild with the sleeveless dresses and halter tops while you can.
    -Step away from the computer.
    -Time management. Learn it. Master it. Apply it.

    The end.

    1. OMG. best name ever. this one is a winner, for sure.

      also, your list is awesome. i support them all, well, except for the time management thingy. i’ve pretty much got that one covered. hoorah for me!

  3. A little late on this, but I would tell my younger self to take a few more risks. Playing it safe held me back, and great accomplishments require risk.

    1. there is no time line on commenting. i appreciate any and all at any time. also, GREAT thing to tell your young self. i need to add that to my list then and now and always. risks are scary! but, hopefully, absolutely worth it.

    1. i know. i know. mistakes are good. i mean, one of the most useful things my first (publishing) boss ever told me was “when [the production of] a book goes wrong, that’s when you learn.” and it’s true.

      but my perfectionist sides really hates those blips on the radar….

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