offline weekend

this past holiday weekend included:

*two road trips (one to NJ and one to philly)

*a wedding

*a carousel, seriously!


*family time that included way extended members of the family, some of whom might have said it was “good to see [me] in adult form” and all of whom i wish i saw on a more frequent basis.

*self portraits

*freshly squeezed lemonade

*secrets and surprises unleashed, one of which is this: brother G isn’t scared of fireworks anymore AND he has his own to set off. he was traumatized by the noise after seeing them at a young age. the fact that he’s now setting off his own has, pardon the pun, blown my mind.

*free reign at the Please Touch Museum.

*more family time

*shaky steps (by baby mac)

*bubbles (of the champagne and soapy varieties)

*a walk in the rain

*home cooked meals

*general goofiness

*starting and finishing BETWEEN SHADES OF GRAY by ruta sepetys

*starting ON WRITING by steven king

*listening to THE GRACELING by kristin cashore

it’s amazing, how in a world so technologically advanced, i managed to spend the vast majority of my weekend offline. and you know what? all that time unplugged allowed me to recharge. bring it on, summer.

p.s. happy birthday, america! you’re looking fabulous!

7 thoughts on “offline weekend”

    1. The lemonade was amazing. I need that recipe! I also loved the bubbles and how clearly baby mac asked for them. Her giggles were contagious.

    1. re: baby mac. i know! i just want to squeeze her. ALL. THE. TIME.

      re: my mom and me. thanks! i’ve got to thank her (and my dad) for the good genes, plus, the carousel was so darn fun! everyone needs one at their wedding.

    1. it was spectacular, although i am having a hard time gearing back up and getting into the swing of the digital world. maybe it’s the summer heat? perhaps i should unplug again and plop myself down poolside with an icy glass of lemonade. yeah, that’s the ticket.

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