didn’t see that one coming

one of my great loves is sports. playing or watching or coaching. there’s a certain poetry of movement out on the field as the players push their bodies beyond expectation. there’s also a camaraderie of teammates which extends well beyond the turf or grass or dirt or whatever type of field you might be on.

i happen to be fortunate enough to come from a naturally athletic family + i live in a hotbed of champion level professional sports teams (go sox! go pats! go bruins! go celtics!), so this love continues to flourish.

but, if you give out your heart, there’s always the chance it’ll break. unintentionally in this case, but fittingly so as my story starts when the guy in the yankees hat steps up to bat. i pitch the ball right over the plate. he swings and my foot explodes with pain as the ball dribbles a few feet to my left. i happen to have excellent reflexes so the fact i couldn’t get out of the way is a testament to how hard/fast that ball was hit.

two days later, i’m still sporting a golf ball sized lump on my foot/ankle, my ankle is tender causing me to hobble more than glide across the floor like i usually do (ha, right) and, i’m very limited in choice of footwear because most everything wraps right over the bump. (thank goodness for flip flops and a casual dress work environment!) i have to miss both a softball and a lacrosse game, but even in situations where one’s heart is hurt, there is a lesson to be learned.

watch out for yankees fans.

just kidding, sort of, but seriously, i’m grateful it’s nothing truly major because in the last two weeks alone, i’ve seen players go down with pulled hamstrings, torn tendons in the knee, and a ruptured achilles tendon. i can still walk and in case of emergency, run. i’ll just have to hope my absence from any athletic event this week won’t cause my heart too much more trauma, and, in the meantime, focus on the fact that some soreness now reminds me to be grateful for every other day i walk without pain.

10 thoughts on “didn’t see that one coming”

    1. ah, the virtual ice pack feels perfect, although, that may be due to soaring temperatures and stiffling humidity.

  1. Sorry to hear you’re hurt. I continue to enjoy keeping up with you and family. I don’t hear much from NJ. Liz was hear over weekend for her 40th HS reunion. We saw her on Sat for a few hours. She’s back in the cool as we remain in the heat. We did have a good storm yesterday. Hope you get one tool. Love,

    1. it’s really only a minor thing. i’ll be (hopefully) healed by week’s end, unless of course i wilt in this heat. it’s about 86 + humidity right now and it’s only going to go up as the week progresses. we’d love your thunderstorms!

      and trust me, i barely hear anything from NJ. those cats are busy!

      1. HEY! my constant twittering is providing you with some info right?! I mean seriously, aren’t you following my every word :P just kidding. Jersey is… constant, parents are working, emily is writing, emily is laxing, parents are watching. Yupp, things are going as usual.

        1. i do like that you’ve (semi) converted to twitter, except we need to work on our timing so we’re both online at the same time…the beauty and downfall of twitter.

          also, i’m now changing your name from goose to junior. i REALLY like the idea of calling you junior. it makes me feel tall. :)

          1. Aww! But I like goose. It’s so unique! And it’s been so long since you called me that. My first screen name was babygoose remember that?! And we’ll work on twitter, and I’m on it 10times more than fb anyways, now I just need to figure out when you are on…

  2. This is why I watch the sports and don’t participate. If pleasure boating were a sport I would have the gold.

    It wasn’t always like that. But as I got older and the bones…okay I can’t even write that with a straight face. I love being active. I just don’t like to sweat. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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