convos with strangers

conversations with strangers #12

don’t talk to strangers. here’s why i’m breaking that rule.

shocker of all things shocking, i find myself at porter square books. i hand over my book and the girl, who is set to ring me up, says “i know you’re part of our customer care program and i should know your name, but…”

me: *spells last name* *searches through purse for wallet* *looks up at the extended silence to find girl staring expectantly at me* “oh, you need my first name? is there more than one mumford in there?”

her: “there actually is.”

me: “wow.” *ponders all other mumfords she knows. the amazing mumford. mumford and sons. my immediate family members. my extended family members; none live nearby* “i’m abigail.”

her: “ah, found it. the first one.”

me: “i usually am. it’s nice until you’re the first one in everyone’s phone book and they butt dial you.”

her: “that would be annoying.”

me: “i like to tell myself i’m really popular.”

her: *smiles* *hands over receipt.*

i leave the store happy with my purchase and with my status as an almost regular, but wondering who’s out there sharing my last name. perhaps they have a first name that would trump mine thus putting them at the top of everyone’s pocket dialing lists? i must make friends with them immediately.

12 thoughts on “conversations with strangers #12”

  1. People butt-dial me a lot too — those who don’t have you or an Aaron in their contact lists :)) But you ARE popular! I’ve seen how many texts and calls you get.

    What book did you buy?

    So, um, about these conversations with strangers. What exactly are you researching? :) Will you share some insights?

    1. basically, i can’t wait until my nephew is old enough to have a cell phone. he’s an aaron, so he trumps me. YES! hmm, maybe that’s what i’ll get him for his upcoming birthday. a cell phone. so what if he’s turning 7?

      (secret: this happened a couple of weeks ago. i can’t remember which book it was. it might have been MARA DYER. i can’t remember! SCORPIO RACES has literally obliterated any other book from my brain……)

      and yes, i see your hint hint nudge nudge about the insights, but i don’t know that i have any. it’s more just a reason for me to work on not being shy and to give every random interaction a thorough psychoanalysis. if i ever do find anything, you’ll be the first to know.

      1. I’m looking forward to the insights, whenever they manifest :)

        Re: Scorpio Races — I loved it so much that I decided I needed to read some nonfiction after it. Since it’s such tough act to follow, it wouldn’t be fair to other novels :)

  2. maybe the person before you would be named Abagnal? or Aamad? or even Aakarla (why yes, the first and second a’s are silent)

    it’s sad that when i go into my local bookstore the clerk doesnt even need to see my discount card, ask my name, or my phone number to look it up. what does that say about me? i don’t even want to know.

    1. just so you know, i laughed at loud at Aakarla with the two silent a’s.

      and i’m jealous they know you at your local bookstore! i’ve tried very hard to become a local at a bookstore, a coffee shop, a bar. it never works. bummer.

  3. Mumford is an uncommon, common name. I’ve found one or more almost everywhere I’ve lived. In Dallas, he was an FBI agent. Here in Birmingham Mi he is an investment person. Lewis Mumford was a famous Social commentator whom my sister Blake once met. When she asked him if they were related, his snippy reply was, “Of course not!”. And I just looked in Google and found numerous Mumford’s who are authors and a Blog of a young couple, John and Rachel Mumford, who’ve just moved to France. So welcome to a large extended family almost all of who probably trace back to one Thomas Mumford who arrived in Newport, RI in 1650 and had 6 sons.You are one of the 12th generation from that Thomas.
    PS There’s also mention of a Thomas Mumford who came to the Jamestowne settlement near Williamsburg VA in 1607. Here it’s not clear if he was the same as the Thomas who came to Nerwport.
    Love, Grandpa.

    1. I didn’t realize it all started with Thomas Mumford. Fascinating! Thanks for sharing your findings with me. I love learning this stuff.

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