like sands through the hourglass…

we’ve all been there WAITING for the phone to ring, for the job offer, for the sun to shine, for the letter of acceptance, for the light to change, for the plane to take off, for the time to speak up, for dinner to be ready, for the doorbell to ring, for the words to develop, for the text to buzz through, for the medicine to kick in, for him to make his move, for sleep to come, for the email to show up, for the company to arrive, for the time to be right, for the shadows to dissipate, for the traffic to clear, for the whistle to blow, for the other shoe to drop.

the question is, what do you do while waiting? how do you keep yourself busy when all you want to do is watch the pot boil? how do you deal with the lack of control over events that could shape for your life? how do you keep your mind on track when all it wants to do is daydream? how do you keep up the momentum when you must wait for other words to marinate?

how do YOU wait patiently?

8 thoughts on “like sands through the hourglass…”

  1. I plot. Wild, crazy scenarios, some of which have even wound up in my books. See, this way I can turn my daydreaming (which, to be honest, I would do no matter what) into “productivity.” *grin*

  2. I relentlessly click the Refresh button my Inbox and try not to blink as I wait for it to go from Inbox to Inbox (1)

    oh wait. you said patiently. don’t know the meaning of the word. sorry. (really, I’m not)

  3. What Linda said! I like that! This way, when you have time to start something new, you can just pull out a bunny from the idea folder!

    I’m not big on patience either. Funny how being a procrastinator has done nothing to make me patient :)

    1. you’re not a procrastinator because you’re waiting around for inspiration to strike, you’re too busy trying to get everything else in your life done! a valid procrastinator, if you will.

      and i’d better get on that idea folder because it’s currently empty. oops.

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