happy birthday, sister J

january is a big month for the mumford kids, as we ALL have our birthdays this month. (don’t even think about making an inappropriate joke about my parents here.)

TODAY happens to be sister J’s birthday.

she’s two years older and light years wiser, so there’s no way for me to wish for her what i had on my 33rd birthday because i’m not 33 yet. i don’t know what that year will hold for me, nor do i know what this year will hold for her. sure, i can guess at a few of the big events, like say, introducing bubba mac to the family in march (or february or whenever he decides to make his appearance) or moving to a new location, but the small, daily events that shape the days that make up the year?

i don’t know what form those will take.

i certainly hope they’re full of laughter and love and baby steps and no allergies and cards and holding hands and hugs and phone calls and family dinners and siblings who get along and darla and patience and tough love and independence and snuggling and giggles and growing up and quiet moments and loud bursts and tears of joy and quick recoveries and prayers and books and sunshine and mommies and daddies and new faces and familiar voices and kisses and journeys and learning.

because those are the moments that force their way into your heart so that you are never the same, but better, bigger, stronger, and more capable.

i guess this year’s version of “happy birthday, sister J” is a wish that year 33 reshapes her heart.


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8 thoughts on “happy birthday, sister J”

  1. Just wanted to say thank you! I have read this about twelve times since Tuesday and tear up every time. You are the best! And I will be blessed to have the year that you have described!! xoxo

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