convos with strangers

conversations with strangers #18

i am talking to strangers

for my final breakfast of my holiday vacation, i made sure to order from the best bagel place in the world. it’s so good i rarely eat bagels anymore because this place (in the town where i went to high school) has spoiled me. i always make sure to get my fill of bagels when i’m at my folks’ house.

guy: is that your sister?

he pointed at baby mac.

me: no, that’s my niece. *points at sister J* that’s my sister.

guy: i’ve seen you both in here from time to time.

me: oh, yes, i’m here visiting for the holidays.

guy: yeah, you were here earlier this week.

me: i was. the bagels are so good here. i can’t resist them.

after just two visits in a week, i’m practically a regular. is it any wonder why i love this place? this never happens to me in boston.


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