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traveling the world is a phenomenal experience and i’ve been fortunate enough to have the means, the mode, and the money to visit countries outside of the US. other than the jet lag and the suitcase laden with souvenirs, i always come home with an insatiable appetite to see more of the country i call home.

two weekends ago, i was fortunate enough to have a reason to travel some place completely new…


i was there for a bachelorette party and oh me oh my was it fun. the food! the weather! the friends! the cab drivers! the drinks! the bartenders! the food! the music! the house we stayed in! the scenery! the drinks you can consume outside of a bar!

of course, i can’t tell you any specific stories because what happened in new orleans stayed in new orleans so instead i’ll leave you with a picture that encapsulates the weekend.

have YOU ever been to new orleans? is there any place you’d love to visit but haven’t yet? have you been to all 50 states of the US? what countries worldwide have you visited? do you have anything else to share?



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10 thoughts on “something new”

  1. Seems like everybody I know is going to New Orleans! I want to go too!

    Other places I want to go — let’s see. San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Oregon…. Really, I’d go anywhere. I’ve been to very few states, unfortunately. I need to remedy that…

    1. having long distance family — it’s a double edged sword. it’s so fun to get to travel to new places to visit them, but it’s sad that they’re not in the local neighborhood….

      anyways, all of those places you listed i’ve visited and you will love them! and i should also point out that while you may not have seen much of the US, you’ve seen a whole lot of the rest of the world which is pretty darn amaze-balls.

  2. yes and no…I’ve driven through NO, but never stopped to take a look around.

    no i havent been to all fifty states…more like 7 (for trips), somewhere in the twenties if we’re talking just passing through

    yes, I have been out of the country…er…does canada count?

    1. canada counts.

      and i say i’ve been to germany, but that really only consisted of the frankfurt and munich airports, so if i can say i’ve been to germany, you can say you’ve been to new orleans.

  3. airports don’t count.. I really want to go back to Paris, Bristol England, and Portland sounds pretty , what was that abs.. “Amaze-balls”
    Heading to Boston in April!!! /Detroit/SF/LA in May

    1. excuse me, airports SO DO TOO count.

      your may sounds very busy. haven’t been to LA, but would love to, so i’ll expect a full report.

      but also, visiting cities you’ve already been to, like umm boston, is a very good idea. especially when the red sox are in town. bring your cold weather gear, though. and your drinking shoes.

  4. You come by your travel bug from your family. My father and mother were from the North and South respectively. My mother’s father was in the Army and was transferred to new posts from Panama to Newport, RI. I was taken to Cuba at 6 weeks. Every year we traveled back to the States each summer, spending half in NC and half in RI, Your Grandmother Rosemary was from Texas, though we met and married in New England. We then moved to Texas 18 months later for 15 years. Then to Michigan. And so on. As a PS, I’ve been to New Orleans and it is great. Keep on traveling. Love, Grandpa

    1. it appears my family not only gave me my travel bug but encourages it because you all live all over the country!

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