conversations with strangers #20

i’m talking to strangers…

it was the best type of sunday in that i had nothing on the agenda but relaxation. i had started a really good book (THE LOCK ARTIST by steve hamilton) and so i read and snacked and read and read and read.

deciding around 4pm that i needed some fresh air, i headed out to the grocery store. i had brought my cloth grocery bags, so the guy bagging my groceries turned to me when he reached an impasse: ground beef.

guy: you want the meat wrapped in plastic?

me: *giggles to self* please.

due to the aforementioned day of relaxation, i realized this was the first time i’d spoken all day. (it was sort of fitting considering the book i’d just finished contained a main character who doesn’t speak. he can, he just chooses not to.) i can, obviously, but that day, i chose not to. i was happy to know, though, that despite the lack of voice, i hadn’t lost my sense of humor.

guy: *hands me receipt* have a nice day.

me: you too.

and with that, i went back to my scheduled silence.


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8 Responses to “conversations with strangers #20”

  1. Adriana Says:

    I dare you do giggle out loud next time! :)

  2. Karla Nellenbach Says:

    lol. i always smirk when they ask me that, too. usually, i get the old guy bagging my groceries and he just gives me a weird look. the young kids will laugh along with you :)

    • abby mumford Says:

      the older i get, the more entertaining the grocery store is. i’m not sure what that says about me, but it’s a true story.

  3. LindaG. Says:

    Tee-hee. Good one. And, yeah, go ahead and laugh out loud next time. :)

  4. Get yo mind out of the garbage! Says:

    LLOL. Literally laughed out loud.

    Your Sunday sounds like my Sunday. BLISS.

    • abby mumford Says:

      pebbsie!!!!! welcome back to my blogosphere. i missed you. and i’m glad i made you literally laugh out loud. the llol also makes me think of someone actually laughing because it looks like a typo, the two Ls, which i would think would happen if you were laughing out loud whilst typing.

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