convos with strangers

conversations with strangers #21

i’m talking to strangers… here’s why.

“that was some gust, huh?” said the woman with the inside out umbrella.

“mmm hmmm.” the wind stole my umbrella and any other words i might have said.

and since clearly neither of us had mary poppins’s luck with umbrellas, we each scurried on our way hoping to get ahead of the next gust or at least get to our destinations before our clothes were soaked through.

p.s. this made miss the umbrella i got when i was studying abroad in london. those british really know how to make an umbrella. it’s a darn shame someone in DC stole it a year ago because i’ve been through 4 umbrellas since. come on, america. learn how to make an indestructible umbrella.


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4 thoughts on “conversations with strangers #21”

    1. seriously. it’s not like rain is a new phenomenon. let’s get it together, america or maybe we need to make umbrellas a top import.

    1. it was actually a really old umbrella. i’m pretty sure it had mini holes in it, but it was so sturdy, i just couldn’t give it up. too bad someone else took that choice away from me…. :(

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