family resemblance

exhibit A

my oldest niece, M (brother G’s daughter), is looks-wise the twin of sister E. it’s a little creepy sometimes how much they look alike because E and M are aunt and niece, not mother and daughter. and now, with M rocking longer hair (the above pic is two years old), the resemblance is striking.

it’s come to light that M mirrors another one of her aunts, specifically me, but also sisters E and J.

how does she resemble us? she’s a reader.

her mom reports: “the book fair was at their school this week. M announced she was so excited she couldn’t sleep that night.”

(is this not the cutest thing you’ve ever heard? a kid who’s so excited about the thought of buying books she can’t sleep. don’t i know that feeling.)

but then the report thickens: “BTW, M started a 4th grade girls book club. They meet once a month rotating hosts and who picks the next book. She went first last weekend. They read “BECAUSE OF WINN DIXIE.” She researched questions to ask, led the discussion, planned a craft (they made a journal) & made a snack (funfetti cookies). There are 8 girls.”

(1) this sounds like book club extraordinaire. reading + snacks + a craft?!?! AM I TOO OLD TO JOIN? (book hungry ladies, we should take notes.)

(2) she researched discussion questions?!? now there’s a leader.

(3) i hope her passion for reading never dies (side note: i’ve just made it my auntly mission to see that it never does) and i hope her thoughtfulness and enthusiasm continue to inspire those around her. heck, it’s inspiring me and i’m all the way across the country, so i can only imagine what those 7 other girls are feeling being in the same room with her.

(4) i’m so glad this portion of the mumford genes entered her DNA. (i’m not so glad that she’s already my height and she’s only 9. dang it! why didn’t i get the tall genes? or the math genes?)

(5) one of the most amazing things to me about my nieces and nephews is how much family history is in them. it’s in their features AND their personalities. it’s in their hair color, teeth size, tongue rolling ability, height, weight, and eyelashes. it’s in what makes them laugh and cry and run and jump and read (or not).

they make the family feel bigger and at the same time closer because they show us how we’re all intertwined even when we don’t live in the same neighborhood.


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12 thoughts on “family resemblance”

    1. my mom has four photos (two of each girl from the same age range) on the side of the fridge and no matter how many times i’ve looked at them and how i know which picture is of which girl, i still get confused. i love how much they look like twins. it’s so fascinating to me. genes. gotta love ’em!

  1. I love that she started her own book club. And that they made journals. I wish my cousin lived closer to her. They could hang out and not talk about Justin Beiber.

    1. i love it too! that’s why i blogged about it. :) she continues to impress me with her thoughtfulness and generousness. i wish i lived closer to her and to your cousin. we could all get together and not talk about justin beiber.

  2. Wow! I am inspired by M’s book club too! She is so awesome and I am fortunate to have her as a niece! Hopefully the reading gene has passed on to baby mac as well. (I think we can all agree the height gene did!) Judging from the 15-20 mins we spend reading books each night…and her nightly protests of one more, one more, one more every time I say it is time for bed is hopefully an indication that it did! :) Abs, please make it your mission to make/keep baby mac a lover of reading please.

  3. What a surprise to open up this weeks’ post to see my smiling face shining back at me. Twice :) just kidding, but I agree. We do look alike. She has my teeth, which is not a misfortune I would wish upon anyone :P but thankfully those braces are now long gone! :) and yes. Reading is good. :) awesome in fact, can I be a professional reader? All day everyday? Cause that would be my dream job…

    1. she resembles you in body and spirit.

      wait, that sounds really creepy.

      moving on, a professional reader? i think that’s called a reviewer. best start writing reviews! no time like the present. (how about divergent, this month’s book club pick.)

  4. Awww! How cute! I want to join that book club too! I don’t know what funfetti cookies are, but I need them. My books need them. Learn from your niece, Mumfy! :) I’ll be waiting right here :)

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