convos with strangers

conversations with strangers #22-24

i’m talking to strangers… here’s why.

i grabbed my purchases and happily noted the lack of line. as i waited in the empty space, i pulled out my wallet and CVS card. ready now, i looked up, and saw a woman stepping towards the next available cash register. my eyes followed the path she just traveled and saw a massive line snaking down the card aisle.

me: “is this the line?”

woman in line: “it is.”

me: “i’ve never seen it go in this direction before.”

woman: “it is unusual.”

i reached the end and waited my turn.

awhile later at the grocery store (a few stores down from the CVS), i plunked my arugula onto the conveyer belt and settled in to wait in this line.

a voice piped up behind me. “now, the arugula. do you buy it for taste or nutritional value?”

an odd question, but i considered it. “both, i suppose.”

her: “it’s sort of bitter, right?”

me: “yeah, it’s peppery. i really like it.”

considering it was the only thing i was buying, my last statement was probably redundant.

i reached the head of the line where a new conversation started.

checkout lady: bag?

me: yes, please.

lady: paper or plastic?

me: plastic.

lady: game?

me: no.

lady: too many questions?

me: *laughs* no, i don’t mind.

lady: have a good night.

me: you too!

i had one last errand to run and yet another line to wait in. i’m not sure why there were so many people out on this particular evening, but wouldn’t you know when the guy behind me ordered the wheat tortilla, the question posed to me earlier crossed my mind. “do you buy it for taste or nutritional value?”

of course, that was the only thing it crossed. certainly not my lips.

okay, okay! i panicked. i guess i have a bit more to learn about talking to strangers. the mission continues.


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4 thoughts on “conversations with strangers #22-24”

  1. I don’t think I have EVER bought only one thing at the grocery store! Even if I only go to buy one thing, I end up seeing six more that I want :) Good for you and your arugula! I love arugula! For the taste, of course, since I really don’t think it has that much nutritional value :))

    1. arugula has more nutritional value than, say, potato chips. and you’re right, i think this was the first time i’ve ever bought just one thing. i had some serious self control — or rather, with all the other errands i was running, a lack of empty arms to carry everything.

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