6 thoughts on “anatomy of an idea”

    1. they all came from tumblr. i still don’t really “get” tumblr and basically all i do is reblog things from tahereh mafi. so i suppose i have her to thank for this post. :)

      1. You know, I haven’t even started a Tmblr account yet. I’m afraid to start any new social media — there aren’t enough hours in my day as it is. So thanks for passing this along, or I might have never seen it. :)

        1. i think tumblr and pinterest are very similar and both are very different than any other form of social media. my (limited) impression of both is that they’re more personal, unlike twitter and/or facebook where you’re connecting with others, tumblr and pinterest are ways to categorize things you yourself find inspiring or interesting or informative. sure, you can follow people’s tumblr feeds or pinterest boards, but ultimately, the things that get posted there are originally posted to entertain yourself and if anyone else is entertained, it’s a happy side effect.

          i guess my long winded point is that i don’t think joining either is necessary. time is so limited and i think your time is very well spent on your twitter and blog. :)

    1. i need to consolidate my tumblr + pinterest, but i can’t decide which to keep. i’ve had tumblr longer, but pinterest does have some practical sides to it. or maybe i’ll just bumble along and spend sparse amounts of time on both.

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