i’m multicultural

my blonde hair and blue/green eyes may fool you, but don’t let them. i’m really very multicultural. i speak pig latin. i eat pasta. i dance the jig. i drink sangria. i put my left shoe on first.

okay, so truthfully, my multicultural roots take the form of a bulgarian tradition mingled into the soil of friendship. (you know what i mean! the nice soil. the enriching kind.) ahem, so, this is the third year i’ve had a martenitza tied on my wrist to celebrate the beginning of spring. (year one is documented here and year two, here.) this one started off yesterday when adriana dashed into my office in between meetings with a handful of red and white yarn bracelets and a “hi how are you i only have two minutes take your pick and i’ll tie it on and cut it to size and yes sorry my hands are cold and doesn’t this rainy day look so much like spring so cheers and happy spring and okay bye.”

you could say this spring is off to a whirlwind start!

and it’s only going to get more whirlwindy as i prepare for one stint as professional snowboarder and another as a nanny. it’s that second job that very well may give me a view of my first stork because bubba mac (the soon to be born brother of baby mac) is due right around the time of my arrival in NJ. *dances jig of excitement*

but back to point, the details are here for those not thricely immersed in this holiday. there’s a specific day to put on the bracelet (march 1) and a specific time to cut it off (whenever you see a stork, a swallow, or a budding tree), so like the good little bulgarian i am, i’m going to keep my eyes peeled for those things.

my fingers are crossed for that stork. (you hear me, bubba mac?!?)

happy spring everyone! may you celebrate it in any fashion you desire.

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5 thoughts on “i’m multicultural”

  1. Hey, we have stuff in common! I have (mostly) blonde hair and blue-green eyes, and I put on my left shoe first! I can also speak pig latin, I love sangria, and eat pasta. (I rarely, however, dance a jig.)

    Small world! :)

    1. i may have exaggerated on the pig latin thingy and the jig dancing… but the rest is true and my oh my you’re lovely company! :)

  2. Hahaha! That’s exactly what I sounded like yesterday, isn’t it :))

    Thank you for wearing your martenitza for the third year in a row (did I really not give you one in 2009? Shame on me!), and for writing about it! Maybe if we talk about spring more, it’ll come quicker. Spring sping spring spring!

    1. it’s sort of bizarre how the first day of spring it was cold and snowy when ALL of the winter has been warm and sunshiney. was it opposite day yesterday?

      and THANK YOU for including me in your traditions. i adore them and i adore you.

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