spring has sprung

in the form of a bulgarian tradition.

in case you need a refresher, you can read about my first foray into my bulgarian roots HERE.

once again, adriana has tied me up with her foreign traditions thus transforming my winter blahs into sunshine and flowers. i mean, this is a much better way to celebrate spring than with old puxatawney phil. sorry phil, but those bulgarians get accessories when all you provide us with is a fleeting shadow and a hole in the ground. i can’t support that local custom, so i’m going global with this one.

thanks again for widening my horizons and teaching me the ways of the world, adi! i feel both stylish and cultured.

15 thoughts on “spring has sprung”

  1. Now I want a spring bracelet. No worries, I have some yarn, so I can whip one up. I love the idea of celebrating the seasons in your own way. Making your own traditions.

    To me Spring already started. Trees are blooming and all I am waiting for now is boating weather. Which should be any day now!

    Happy Spring!

    1. i know a tradition you can start — SEND YOUR WARM FLORIDA WEATHER UP HERE NOW. don’t make me wait until may. please. pretty please?

  2. This totally made my day!!! Thank you for being so excited about this, it makes me so happy! Yay spring! Yay Bulgarian traditions!

    Now, if nature could get with the program and start making things bloom…

    1. nah. i don’t hate you because i don’t have to put in a fence when it’s 82 degrees outside….

    2. we do hate you! :) since you asked :) also, technically (and technicality is our last resort, we who are still frozen solid over here) 82 doesn’t even qualify for spring. That’s full-blown summer :)

    3. i do agree with the assessment that 82 degrees is SUMMER and not so much spring. although, i suppose those temps are considered spring like when you’re from florida.

  3. 1. it cools down at night…last night it got down to 60
    2. 82 is definitely spring weather. if you dont believe me, come down here in june and see just how fast you will melt
    3. if i was up in the great white north with you all people would think i was some wannabe magician who was trying to live in ice…not that i actually froze solid the moment i stepped ff the plane.
    4. i kind of wish you would hate me…it makes me smile :)
    5. really i have nothing else to say…but since this is friday…i have to have five things to say about…well anything. yep. thats me. the friday five ninja #nindarFTW

    1. i do melt in 82 degree weather, so that’s why it’s best not to have too much of it…and you are WARPED that you want me to hate you, but if that’s what’ll get you through the day, fine. i detest you and your florida grown sunshine.

    1. i know! in this case, it’s definitely better to be foreign. it makes the waiting for spring so much easier.

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