conservation efforts

one of the recent changes in my life is writing related. i’ve started a new WIP while i let the other, completed MS marinate. i’ve also picked up a critique partner (the lovely alexis) [thank you, natalie!] who is giving me deadlines and cracking the YOU CAN DO BETTER whip. so in a desperate attempt to keep up with the force of nature that is alexis, i’m saving all writing efforts for my new WIP, which is in the worst sort of shambly shape. it’s kind of embarrassing, really.

which means, this post is all you’re going to get. it’s up to YOU to entertain ME. perhaps with an embarrassing story of your own.

how do you like them apples?

and, GO.

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12 Responses to “conservation efforts”

  1. Linda G. Says:

    Nothing like a good tough-as-nails CP to get you motivated. Yay, Alexis!

    And I prefer them apples in a cobbler. ;)

    • abby mumford Says:

      yes, i am very pleased with how the arrangement is shaking out.

      mmmm, apple cobbler with vanilla ice cream? yes, please. and in further conservation efforts, i’ll have to delegate the making said pie to someone else…

  2. gina Says:

    Just popping by to say hello and yay!

    • abby mumford Says:

      hello, mate. i see you’ve gone back to your old moniker. what happened to garbage everywhere? and what happened to you sharing an embarrassing story? GET ON IT.


  3. adriana Says:

    Yay Alexis! Welcome! Crack that whip.

    Mmm peach cobbler! I mean apple! Must. Bake. Soon. *starts chewing on keyboard*

  4. i took out the garbage because it was everywhere Says:

    How ’bout THEM apples, eh? :P

    Hm. Embarrassing story? I don’t have stories so much as moments. Lots of moments. All of which have to do with my blushing at the worst of times. THen blushing because I’m blushing. It’s a terrible circle.

    • abby mumford Says:

      it’s a good thing i swallowed my water before i read this because i would have spit it out all over the keyboard. oh man, that’s a CLASSIC name right there.

      also, are you me? i hear you sista on the cycles of blushing. it’s vicious. but i can honestly say i haven’t seen you blush. it’s now my mission in life to make you do so. *cackles evilly*

  5. Kelly B Says:

    How about them apple’s always reminds me of Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting which is kind of aprapo since you live in Boston or in the nether regions of Boston, well close enough. I don’t have a story to entertain you with, so I thought I would ramble on and on and on. How was that?

    • abby mumford Says:

      that line is from GOOD WILL HUNTING. or at least, that’s the movie i was trying to quote. i might not have gotten it word for word. nice catch!

      your rambling was spectacular. thank you muchly.

  6. Emily Says:

    Well its not embarrassing, but I figured you’d find this enjoyable :)

    • abby mumford Says:

      haha. that is funny. and i totally agree with the assessment! i beat the game, now i just have to go back and get 3 stars on all the levels. good times.

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