like, totally

my mind is a frazzled, stressed out mess right now, so instead of unleashing that on you, my unsuspecting blog readers, i figured it’s best to talk about anything else.

like linda grimesBIG NEWS. *round of applause*

like how after years of me saying, “you should really read HUNGER GAMES,” two more people in my life finally took me up on it. brother G and my friend R. and it’s been great hearing their perspectives on the book because as we all know, you bring your own life experiences to the pages when you read and they certainly have different lives than i do. all in all, it’s easy for me to continue saying, I LOVE THIS BOOK. (books 2 and 3 are a different beast, however.)

like how adriana is opening her heart and her wallet to do a book giveaway. the details aren’t final, but you know it’ll be good. keep an eye out for that.

like how sister E had her first collegiate lacrosse game this week AND SHE STARTED. (this means she’s really good.)

like how i have less than four weeks until the newly designed paperback edition of THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE by jandy nelson releases (march 22) and less than six weeks until WHERE SHE WENT by gayle forman is released. (WSW is the sequel to IF I STAY, one of my most favorite books EVER, aside from HUNGER GAMES. no other book has reduced me to such a sobbing, slobbering mess in such an enjoyable way.)

like how my parents are awesomesauce.

like how i bought my own squash equipment with birthday money from sister J and how i’m now officially addicted to the game. i’ve moved away from the beginning ball (hee) and onto the one dot ball (tee hee) which means i’m even closer to reaching professional squitty squash player status.

like how these signed bookmarks arrived from lindsey leavitt.

even though i’ve only read one of her books (PRINCESS FOR HIRE is the only one out so far), i believe in her fantastically fantastic talent. PFH is funny and charming and inspiring and real. linds (can i call you that, lindsey?) makes you laugh while sneaking in important life lessons about courage and friendship and family. i can only imagine her next book, SEAN GRISWOLD’S HEAD (which releases march 1. so soon!), will do the same. in short, lindsey’s one of those authors who’s career i’ll follow and i’ll most likely read every word she writes because she’s that good. oh and it looks like i’ve got a lot more coming from her. congrats!

and for the most uplifting thing, read HERE and behold the power of maureen johnson, twitter, and the publishing community. so amazing! i’m proud to say i donated to the cause.

10 thoughts on “like, totally”

  1. Okay. First off, it was a scrimmage. Not that big of a deal. Second off, I just started If I Stay and I’m kind of excited :) Third off, is there a way you can save like ALL of those books you mentioned for end of may/june ;)

    Love you!
    And thanks :)

    1. ok, love. a game is a game is a game and a scrimmage is a game. LET ME BE EXCITED THAT YOU ARE A STARTER.

      re: all the books i mentioned? it’s called a kindle. you have one. and i do believe you got extensive gift cards to amazon, so download them there and then let me use the kindle on a certain flight across the atlantic.


  2. Thank you! I’ve been typing that a lot lately — so much fun! :)

    Re Hunger Games: I loaned it to my hubs, and he adored it so much he promptly read the next two.

  3. hey, did i tell you i made Justin read it too? he read the whole series in a week. he really liked Hunger Games but wasn’t in love with the others :)

    thanks for the link to my post about the giveaways. i saw it this morning and thought, what am i waiting for? so the giveaway is now up and running, thanks to you :))

    YAY for Maureen Johnson! that was something else. what amazing things she does!

    and lastly, i was just lamenting how all the awesome books that are coming out this year are all coming out in the summer and fall, which is too far!!! but now i’m going to get Sean Griswold’s Head! :)

    1. actually, that sounds vaguely familiar about justin reading the series. his reaction seems parallel to mine.

      yay for your giveaway, i’ll get over there and check it out!

      seriously, it’s so fun to watch MJ work. and it’s impossible not to get sucked in by the excitement she generates.

      that reminds me, i have a bookmark for you. she sent extras and so now you can share in the fun. :)

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