11 thoughts on “stretched thin”

    1. i’ve done two of the three things already! the breathing breaks, while simple, are seriously something i forget to do. thanks for the reminder!

  1. What Adriana said. :)

    Also, if you can find even five minutes to be by yourself, away (at least mentally) from all the things pulling at you, it can really help.

            1. well, what would YOU think if you walked down to my office and saw me doing that? run away screaming? point and laugh? join me in my insanity?

  2. watch supernatural. :)

    i kid. i kid. well…not so much, but if you’re too scared to treat yourself to awesomesauciness that is Winchester-world, i cannot help you.

    sidenote: i feel like the picture after a particularly brutal yoga practice. that hot asian guy on my “yoga for beginners” (let me tell you that is NOT a beginner’s practice) video is a taskmaster, i tell ya

    1. okay, you and i have some major differences here. watching scary shows and/or movies is NOT my idea of relaxation. heck, i get scared just running into someone around a corner in real life, so you can forget about adding in scary music and plot twists. no thank you, m’am.

      yoga for beginners? that sounds like something i do need in my life. i can’t even touch my toes, so i’m pretty sure i’m at the stage before beginners, if there is such a thing. i’m it.

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