convos with strangers

conversations with strangers #27-29

i’m talking to strangers… here’s the reason why.

when you are pushing a stroller with a 23 month old girl in it, apparently it’s instant fodder for people to talk to you. i was doing just that a week ago on a gray and rainy friday. baby mac and i were cruising the mall because we had to get out of the house and there are so many exciting things to see at the mall, not to mention people to talk to.

after seeing us pass by for the third time (baby mac was there to see the sights, i was there to log some miles), an old man sitting on a bench piped up: “it’s my turn next.” I laughed (somewhat nervously) and pushed the stroller a bit faster.

baby mac was playing with the collapsible canopy and saying “hello” and “goodbye” as i came and went into view. we passed by a kiosk where they were selling some sort of lotion. the lady interrupted our game.

her: do you keep your nails natural?

me: *looks at short, bare fingernails* yes.

her: want to see something amazing?

me: *points to stroller* she doesn’t like it when i stop.

(thank you, baby mac! yet another reason why kids are so awesome. they get you out of the hard sales pitch the kiosk people put on you.)

and then down another level, in the starbucks, a gentleman tried to give baby mac one of the coffee cup sleeves to wear as a bracelet, but she was overcome by shyness and wrapped herself around my leg. he backed off, but as we went to leave, he stopped me.

him: do you think she’d like this?

me: i do, actually, thanks.

and then i bolted after baby mac who had untangled herself from my leg and was enjoying her freedom from the stroller a bit too much.

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8 thoughts on “conversations with strangers #27-29”

        1. okay, you two. stop it with the me and a puppy talk. it’s not funny. :)

          but see, look, i like kids. i swear my heart isn’t 3 sizes too small like the grinch’s.

  1. Glad baby Mac helped you out! Certainly the least she could do after you helped us so so much! She definitely missed you and so do I!

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